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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, this should be a clear indication of how far gone the Republic actually is. The bloody trails all lead somewhere, do they not? Are we prepared to restore the Constitution? The deception and corruption is coordinated and well funded. May we be up to the task ahead. Most will never see it coming. Hopefully, prayerfully we will rise to the challenge.
  2. I am shocked and dismayed at what is going on in this Country, and truly worldwide at this time in history. Most people are like the folks on the deck of the Titanic who didn't even realize that they were only a few short hours away from perishing. As they kicked the ice around on the deck, making jokes about it, they could not have possibly seen the awful pictures that were certain to follow. There were those onboard who did know that this "unsinkable" ship would indeed be at the ocean's floor in mere hours. They, not wanting to panic the passengers, proceeded to do what they had to do to save as many as possible. When the passengers aboard realized that the ship was going to sink, anarchy ensued. As I watched the looters just over a month ago while their town was on fire, I thought of those aboard the ship that night. I feel like one of the crew on that ill fated ship as we prepare to save as many as we can whilst we watch the grandest of experiments in self governance founder, list and sink. As we gather as many into the life boats as we possibly can, strap on their life vests and begin to lower the boat onto the icy black and bitterly cold ocean, I can only imagine the gut wrenching scenes that must have followed like a never ending nightmare. If this was just going on within our Country, I would have easily dismissed most of this as very bad political strategy in a National election year. But, when I realized that this was not only in our Country, but worldwide, I began to connect some dots that painted a very bleak picture of the future for the world. I am an optimist at heart. It is hard for me to stay down for long. I have always been able to regroup and bounce back ready to take on the next challenge life throws my way. Being prepared has helped in the past. But, how does one prepare for what will likely unfold in the coming days, weeks, months and even years? I fall back on what we are all fighting for. Liberty. Freedom. God, family and Country. And, my belief that the Founding documents that began this grand city on a hill, have the ability to save this ship from sinking if we all do are parts. For some of us, that may mean logistical support. Others, communication. While others will be engaged on the front lines as thousands of Patriots before us. Because, these colors represent the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice of every Patriot who bled and died to defend her. They are raised everyday as a symbol of hope. Hope that Freedom, Liberty and a government designed for the people and by the people will not perish from the earth. I hope and pray that in some way, I can play a small part in keeping that hope alive. These colors do not run. They do not shrink at adversity. They do not cower in fear. They do not hide behind a mask. Because, perfect love casts away all fear. And the love we have for God, our families and Country is about as perfect a love as I can ever hope for. Let us hold on to that hope as we face whatever comes with a humble and thankful heart, and as we resolve to never stop fighting for the dream that started it all, 244 years ago.
  3. We need every tool we can get at this point. Point taken. Thanks
  4. Is it just me, or doesn't using Facebook as a gateway into the group compromise everything? Facebook, Google+YouTube are not our friends.
  5. Hello all. I am a concerned citizen that feels like we are on the brink of an event that will take away whatever freedoms we have left after COVID. I never served in the military, but was training to become a Police Officer before my career in the US Postal Service. I am looking to connect with others, and can offer many of my services, but am trying to run a business as well. Luckily, it is a consulting business, and is not affected by this nonsense. I am familiar with fire arms, was a marksman in Scouts, but do not currently own. Was hoping to get some education about just what to own before purchasing. I will likely be recruiting others who are also like minded in my sphere. And, I am currently looking to establish a defensible space at a place of worship. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Silence
  6. Hello fellow Patriots.  

    If you would have told me that I would be on a militia sight looking for others to defend the Country I love 5 months ago, I would have referred you to a mental health professional.  I was in Alaska about to begin my dream job as a seasonal Tour Bus Driver in Denali National Park when this Scamdemic hit the world in a fury.


    Having spent 35 years as a US Postal Service Letter Carrier, my very first thought was:  "This is a National election year, and things are going to get really nuts."  But, as I began to assimilate the larger picture, it became very obvious to me that this was not just in the United States.  This was a worldwide and coordinated, well planned and financed with literally billions of dollars.  This was something completely different.  And, my gut told me that the boy scout in me had better start getting prepared.


    The first thing I had to do was to get educated.  I had been out of the loop since my retirement in September of 2018 which came shortly after losing a 2 year battle with cancer with my wife.  Needing to do something to occupy my mind in an empty house, I decided to do some consulting work, which I had done pro bono for many of my customers for years.  My desire to take a break to see wild Alaska was something I had thought about for many years.  I wanted to see Alaska, not just take a plane ride a piss and come back.  And, I am a man of modest means, and didn't want to go broke doing it.  So, my perfect driving record at the USPS finally paid off.  Or so I thought.


    I started to get into the red pill world, and the many rabbit holes in that world.  Most of which absolutely disgusted me about our Country, it's so called "leaders" and the evil agendas afoot.  I loathe spending time trying to decipher a post, and I am not buying into the group that believes in anyone or any movement that hides behind the letter of the alphabet.  And, I believe that there will be someone who will arise that will seem to many to have all the answers, and he/she/it will be almost able to convince even me.  That is scary, my friends.  Especially now.


    I was not in the military, but was training to be a Police Officer when I got the call from the Postal Service.  I figured that I could spend my Friday and Saturday nights being puked on, spit on, and wrestling 350 pound human debris, or I could take a nice walk all day with a bag.  You guessed right.  God bless those who do the former.  I support you, honor you and will do everything in my power to help you, as long as you remember your oath of office.  


    I know the US Constitution.  I studied it.  I almost went into Law school, but was busy trying to raise a family and building a life for myself in a very expensive part of the Country, namely San Diego County.  I was raised in a true blue Democrat stronghold (Pittsburgh, PA) but voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980.  I have always been a conservative, it comes from being raised in an abusive home and having many people sprinkled in my life who were praying for me.  Thank you for your prayers.  Teachers. Uncles, Grandmother, Scout Masters and friends of the family were there when I needed them the most.  


    I am an unapologetic Christian who believes that the single most effective tool of evangelism we have is to show the love of Christ to others.  That does not mean I am a pacifist.  On the contrary.  I believe it is incumbent upon us to defend both life and property with all we've got.  Our Founders had it right.  Life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness (property) was the cornerstone and foundation of this shinning city on a hill.  All of our laws come from the tablets of stone that were spoken of by the Bible.


    I know that freedom isn't free, and that it takes constant diligence in her defense.  I believe we are witnessing the largest Communist takeover the world has ever seen, and I do not intend on allowing it to happen without a fight. I am prepared for what may be coming in some ways, and I am woefully lacking in others.  I have had some training when I was much younger in the use of both rifle and handgun, but have not honed that skill very much at all, nor do I currently own either.  I sincerely hope to join with other like minded men who value this freedom above life itself, and who are committed to defending it against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  


    Our mission, gentlemen, is to preserve liberty by exercising our God-given rights that our Founders so wisely crafted 244 years ago.  They pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor so that we might live as free men without the yoke of tyranny.  So, I am here, as your humble servant, student, confidant and friend.  I hope and pray that our numbers will greatly increase, and that the plans of those who would think they could easily take our liberties away will be competently resisted and defeated soundly.  I believe that it is possible, with God's help.


    The video I am sharing was a speech I was going to give a few days before the 4th of July.  I never got the call to go.  But, I feel like it will give you an idea of where I stand.  There are some people in the video that were in the opposing party many years ago, but they would be considered conservatives today.  And, their contributions should never be forgotten, nor their sacrifice.  I am honored to be in your ranks.  I hope and pray that our preparation will be unnecessary, but sadly do not believe that will be true.  God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.



    Your fellow Patriot,



    Silence Knewbetter

    1. ROFCB Commander

      ROFCB Commander

      These are the words of a Patriot. I welcome you to the ranks of the informed and "ain't going down without a fight".


      Pray we have enough fight in us for the long journey ahead.

    2. SilenceKnewbetter


      Every fight begins on my knees.  Glad to be aboard. 

    3. ROFCB Commander

      ROFCB Commander

      If we don't get more Patriots involved, I'm afraid we'll all be on our knees...and it won't be because we're praying.

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