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  1. You are right, the Deep State doesn't care which side is part of their cabal. But the left is far more dangerous, the elephant in the room is the left. So we can start there.
  2. The world we live in. No due process, that's the left for you. https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/502975-california-man-fired-over-alleged-white-power-sign-says-he-was
  3. Agreed! A Latino man who worked for SDG&E in San Diego, (which waves a rainbow flag at its headquarters) was recently fired because some numbskull reported him showing the white supremacist hand sign 👌. Mind you some jackass leftist reported a Latino man making this gesture while driving his truck. Complete BS yet they got away with it. He says he was just driving down the road cracking his knuckles. We all saw the husband and wife defending their home being charged by the whackjob racist DA. Crazy times we live in where a smart virus can tell the difference between anarchist rioters and church goers or Trump Rally attendees. Just ask our Governor Jay Inslee, he says no coronavirus has occurred due to maskless non social distancing thugs. Convenient isnt it? Imagine the rage when more lockdowns occur to stop Trump rallies due to the uptick of fake coronavirus cases, or real ones caused by rioters and brainless protesters.
  4. I found this site and was excited hoping to find people near me to network with, brainstorm, have a meeting of the minds and a group to support each other when the time comes. I answered a roll call for the Washington State militia expressing interest. Nothing. Others have noted the same. There are no doubt tens of thousands of us who would fight the left, but we are all isolated, not organized into lots of groups who could unite on a front if called upon to do so. More willing minds and bodies available. I guess they feel they've got it covered. I'm speaking of my experience with WA State only. I've talked to a few great people in this post. Great ideas, they get it. Kind of hard to fight alongside someone 2000 miles away.
  5. Agreed. Antifa, BLM, leftist agitators dont care about breaking the law, it's their MO. We however care about the rule of law, being on the same side as law enforcement. Why become a criminal for doing the right thing? Actually our founding fathers risked being hung for standing against the Britts. Difference is we are on the side of government, we just stand against America hating leftist trash, which includes the deep state Democrat media complex. I don't consider the Democrats government. I consider them an out of control criminal enterprise which needs to be brought down. Andrew Cuomo, mass murderer. Democrat. George Soros, domestic terrorist leader. The Dems, media,leftist judges and professors are all evil. Cancer to America.
  6. You are not alone! The lawlessness of the left and corruption of the Democrat party should terrify any sane person. They are counting on us to collectively sit by and do nothing. They know that unlike them we are law abiding, not criminals like they are. The only way to treat cancer is to completely destroy it. There are no half measures. Whidbey Island here.
  7. Ditto! MASSIVE DEMOCRAT VOTER FRAUD Without that Dems lose
  8. I lived in California for most of my life, now in WA. At some point I may just form my own small militia, start with a handful of friends and begin training at some level. In the end if there are thousands of militias and we network, when shit hits the fan we can connect with the closest militias. I can imagine trust is huge so nobody's going to quickly accept newbys given the F'd up political climate and Antifa scum who would infiltrate. Get 5 close friends and establish trust and plans. Hopefully other militias have similar plans.
  9. Whidbey island resident, very conservative, 58 yr old male. I follow politics pretty closely and know who the enemy is. I work in technology, and also run a small business. I am looking for a centralized group to mobilize with when push comes to shove. For people to rely on Facebook or Twitter to connect with like minded people, what happens when you lose your account and potentially hundreds of fellow patriots. Everyone should join a militia & contribute what you can.
  10. Whidbey Island resident, brand new here and looking to join like minded patriots.
  11. BRILLIANT! This kind of thinking is exactly what we need, its imperative in strategic planning. Thanks!
  12. Anyone remember Jeff Bezos of Amazon saying he didn't care if people quit doing business with him of they oppose BLM? I said "Ok Jeff, and ended my Prime account and have been shopping for alternatives ever since. We have much more power than we think. What is the lefts favorite tool? Outside the media that is? BOYCOTTS. There tens of millions of us. Imagine if millions of us contacted advertisers on CNN & MSNBC and demanded they quit advertising on these propaganda channels or they'd lose customers in a big way. And give them a deadline. There are products I dont buy, one being Ben and Jerry's. It's easy to see who Soros is invested in. Hit them where it hurts, and hurts us all. $$$$ And schools, any crazy left wing teachers need to be reported to their administrations. Cant fire them but we can silence them. Blow up the schools email and phone lines demanding they stop filling your kids heads with left wing garbage. And college aged kids? You can do the same, threaten and be prepared to move your son or daughter to another school. My cousins son was raised by a good Christian very conservative family, all Pro 2nd amendment, not a single Democrat to be found. After 4 years of college he's a liberal. I told her what I did with Amazon, she agreed but also said she just couldnt let go of her Prime account just yet. See the problem we have? Can we put our money where our mouths are? I can. I do. I suffered in Sesttle traffic on it and 405 because I REFUSED to pay the outlandish $10 one way diamond lane tolls. My friend who calls himself a "moderate" says "I can afford it, my times more valuable", he also kept his prime account. He's conservative, voted for Trump and owns weapons, but to be liked and survive in tech he plays middle ground. I never did that but I paid the price by doing so. BOYCOTTS BOYCOTTS BOYCOTTS. And MEAN IT. DO IT. Chick-fil-a? I'll NEVER eat there now after their weak CEO caved to the atheists and leftists, BLM, shining a rapper's shoes on his knees. Anyone else see that? Sickening. There are many ways to fight and WIN that don't require bullets. Bullets are a last option, but still a necessary option.
  13. BRAVO! I agree with everything you said. Changing the perception of what a militia is, is key. We aren't rednecks hiding in the woods who watch war movies all day with posters of Rambo on the wall, we are normal Americans who are sick of what we see happening and will fight against it at all costs. I am a tech worker who's been discriminated against due to my stands against the radical leftists and Democrat Party who controls tech. A conservative white male over 50 in tech, are you kidding? There are many of us but if we voice our opinions we can find ourselves blocked from making a living. If it weren't for my side business I would have lost my home long ago. I have experienced the evil of the left in a real way, they tried to bankrupt me. They are fascists. We must fight. We have the majority, as stated in this awesome reply by ROFCB, we have ways to be very successful. What we lack in money we have in numbers and skills we can employ.
  14. Agreed. We all.work hard, 9-5 or more. Where we lack funding we have numbers. We need to recruit numbers. One example of patriots may be stay at home moms who can write elected officials, call their offices, be very loud and make them listen. That is free. I've done it working 9-5 but I have other focuses that require my time. Having people dedicated to specific tasks will move our side forward. PACs have people dedicated to making calls, we need that. Other people are masters at raising capital. Without a plan in place they won't invest. But I am told plans are in the works.

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