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    1. Footsoldier Patriots

      Footsoldier Patriots

      We haven't even come close to how bad things are going to get, it's just beginning.

    2. MidTnPatriot


      Yeah, I don't see how this can be resolved, based on the lunatic left's behavior.  We are likely going to have to fight for our freedom.

  1. It is time for 10 million Rittenhouses to rise up across this country.


  2. Rev. E. My background is working on offshore and onshore drilling rigs for the last 34 years and leading teams of geologists, engineers, drillers, roustabouts and roughnecks, sometimes around the clock for days at a time. I am a hunter and fisherman. I have advanced computer, field, survival and research skills. I am training daily to try to be an asset to my community's defense, if needed. I have no illusion I could ever do the job better than our trained military and police. I hope I never have to help. I am working with people I know to form a small squad of patriots to do some training. I am just reacting to my patriotic impulse to try to help defend our country and local community, nothing more, nothing less. I do not fit into a military-type mentality or regime well. Only civilians of a similar ilk, who are local, would fit into this small group, for now.
  3. I am recruiting some folks locally who are not on this website yet to do some training to be prepared, in case we are needed. Glad to hear you are assisting THP. Good job!
  4. My guess is the Islamists, Antifa and BLM are all working together and are being backed by the Chinese Communist Party. Soros is definitely funding BLM.
  5. I am recruiting some folks locally who are not on this website yet to do some training to be prepared, in case we are needed. Glad to hear you are assisting THP. Good job!
  6. If you want to make me unchilled, then make a statement about me being brainwashed and indoctrinated by the Democratic party. If you didn't mean me, then don't respond with that kind of comment in reply to what I said. I am the polar opposite of being brainwashed and indoctrinated by the Democratic party. I loathe everything about the Democratic party, not JFK's party, but the one that has emerged in the last 20 years or so. I consider them to be traitors to America and they have forfeited their right to even vote in this election, due to their behavior over the last four years.
  7. Geez, can you be more condescending? Are you trying to say I am brainwashed by the Democratic party, because I point out that our "democratic based" system is the longest existing on the planet? What part of that don't you understand? Which other country that has free elections and some form of representational government has been in existence longer than ours? Your comment is absurd.
  8. Yeah that is always the response and I agree. However, democracy in the sense, that we have representational government, and use to have free and fair elections, mostly. There is no other democratic-based governmental system in the world that has continuously existed longer than the USA. Much of that credit goes to the soldiers who have died for our country. I pray that we don't let them down and let it falter now.
  9. I think antifa and blm are just the useful idiots of a global communist attempt to destroy our country. Virtually everything we buy comes from China, including our medicines, which is ridiculous. China gave over a billion dollars to the universities, basically paying for the teachers' and their students' immortal souls, and they accepted gladly. The sooner people who believe in freedom of speech, religion, etc., as well as, free and fair elections, organize and communicate the better, including: patriots, vets, active military and police officers. The Border Patrol a few weeks ago seized a shipment from China in Louisville, that was marked "Steel pin samples." It was actually assault weapons parts. Then more evidence of the left's betrayal is the estimated 2 billion dollars given to Hollywood. When you think about that "collusion," then you really understand what the word means, when it is not used as a "scorch the earth" policy to create a complete lie in order to wreck our faith in the elections. To me that was the worst betrayal of all, when they tried a "coup de lies" to attack our elected President. Now their leaders openly call for a coup and by using the military. My question is: At what point do faithful Americans in uniform from all branches of military and the police, no matter what rank or position, decide that all Americans should destroy this evil plot against the longest running democracy in the history of mankind? Have we reached that point and they are giving up to Communism or are they having the same thoughts and feelings as other loyal Americans who believe in freedom? I hope the latter, because the alternative is really bad for us, the world and the future generations.
  10. I am 59 years old and pretty well preserved for my age. I have been inspired by my anger and disgust of what is happening and the attacks from the enemy within, especially the crooked, lying Democrat politicians and low-life "journalists." I am also inspired by the love for my country, friends and family. I am a hard working geologist, among other things, and I have been working daily at running my business for 25 years, which is on the brink of collapse due to this outrageous attack on our economy and way of life, by what I am convinced is, a globalist cabal, that is evil in nature, and will do anything to destroy America, which is the last bastion of freedom on planet Earth. This has inspired me to buy a rucksack from the army surplus, fill it with essential gear, and take my weapons and march up and down the dirt road and hills around my house. I have lost thirty pounds and I am carrying a 50 lb load in the TN heat everyday for four miles, sharpening my shooting skills and eating right, and preparing for battle, if need be. I have no military training, but I am a fisherman and hunter, and an expert at reading maps, aerial photos, water wells, etc. I am not afraid to die for my country and I am trying to encourage others to join this site and a local militia. We need to get a lot more people on this website to communicate and organize. I am doing this with others I know and encounter. I encourage everyone else to do the same. We need to increase from 5k people nationwide, as indicated on the map, up to 100k, like, yesterday. Then a million by the end of the month. Contact every vet, police officer, hunter and American patriot that you know, men and women, and let's make this a formidable force. I am sick and tired of seeing leftwing assholes attack our country, our economy, our innocent people and way of life, and stand by and watch it happen. Let's Go!!!
  11. I think we are in uncharted territory right now. It seems to me that dark forces against America have gathered and are all in on taking our country down. It is a formidable foe, since they have the lying, corrupt main stream media, deep state actors embedded in our governments and probably China financing much of it. My guess is a large majority of active military would be on the side of freedom and America and would not obey any corrupt, Marxist commanders. I can't believe that a majority of the people at the Pentagon are against America's values and for Antifa, China, Democrat communists, BLM and all of those trying to destruct our way of life. Police officers and vets, along with militias, fighting together will hopefully preserve our nation, our economy and our families and friends, if it comes to that, which seems likely. I pray it doesn't, but I think we have to prepare for the worst. This website seems like an excellent way to organize, but we need more numbers and training, intelligence, etc. I am telling like-minded people to join the site.
  12. I am impressed with the design and layout of this website.  It seems like a perfect way for patriots to organize, communicate and prepare for defending our country, if necessary.  I have been telling others about it. Kudos to the people behind this site.  We need to get the numbers up soon throughout the country for what seems to be inevitable, so we can be act as a strong unit.  Everyone should share this site with as many people as possible. God bless America.

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