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  1. Our only true option is taking Democrat leadership out of office. That happens 1 way. If no one is willing. We will lose. Pete Gaynor will assume control if Martial Law is declared. We lose again because the constitution will be suspended. So we have 2 months to unite everyone and remove hundreds of leaders in dozens of states. the only way to achieve this goal is fighting alongside of BLM/Antifa. i know crazy right?
  2. It's a Democrat flag. I will never fly a democrats flag. It's sister flag is the Russian Naval Flag. I won't wear a pussyhat either. Not only that it was flown for approx. 1 month before the Democrats were defeated. If we keep to the same course( watching TV ) Nancy Pelosi will be Americas next President. If we stand up and take it to the streets we can only change it to Pete Gaynor being the next Leader. Putting faith in a vote is moot. it's already contested on both sides.
  3. As a member of MC-1st CTF. I swear to uphold the constitution and that which we stand for. I swear to protect those that can't protect themselves. The elderly , the handicapped and all others be they fit or not to defend themselves, lay under my protection. We must move forward. We must prepare. The time to do is now, May God be with us all.
  4. Frank Nitty is on day 11 of his march to the White House. He livestreams on Face book.
  5. We need to move forward. Time is ticking. Antifa/BLM is marching to the White House to lay a 50 day seige. Crossing the Appalachian Mountains will put many of them in our borders. EYES OPEN!!!!
  6. Until WiFi / cell goes down the propaganda will continue. Yes everyone will be in the dark. People will be forced to leave their homes to find out what's going on. Antifa can't communicate. Media can't brainwash. We must take the phone shackles off.
  7. It can't be done. Freedom demands blood. Rights not paid for in blood are soon lost. You can STAND and stop this where you are, or you can SIT and except what the outcome is. I for one and all will stand.
  8. Hello from Mercer County. Ready to establish , train , and defend my people. Things are escalating everywhere. We all need to be Vigilant.
  9. this militia is headed to louisville.
  10. MICH'O


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