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  1. I'm curious to understand how you come to the conclusion you did by my comment? Because I told an individual to get a grip on reality and not be talking about kidnapping individuals? Or how he has led several people several times with numerous assumed names? Please enlighten me!
  2. Agreed ! Especially since some of our members mymilitia is actually being listed on google. For example @Anon Cyb
  3. You can't be serious?!? I want to give you a friendly word of advice. Stop watching the espionage/war movies on Netflix and or turn off the COD games. Seriously, you need to get a grip on reality and be an asset to the movement, not a liability. With your previous statements, you're most certainly not an asset at this point.
  4. Couple notes I wanted to add concerning your post. First, of those being from my experience, ditch the wiki set up for intel gathering. Find you a quality Relational Database software and you will be thanking yourself at the end of the day. Also and I don't think I can stress this enough! The Intelligence Cycle.... Learn what it is and master it. Proper intelligence collection all derives from it, and the better you understand it, the less time and resources you will waste. I can't even count the number of times I have talked to different militia groups who brag of their fantastic intelligence-gathering unit. The first thing out of my mouth is to explain the Intelligence Cycle to me. 9/10 times the look on their faces says it all, and I get back in my truck and leave.

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