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  1. I would be interested in this sort of training if it were in the northern part of the state.
  2. Shag47


  3. How do I get on the map?


    1. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      click the 'map tab , then there should be ' add location tab.

  4. I am a US Navy combat veteran of Vietnam. Born and raised as an "Air Force Brat," with love and respect for our country and all that we have stood for, throughout our history. Retired from the power generation industry in 2007. Formed my own consulting LLC developing and delivering training for power plant operators. Pretty much retired, now, with occasional calls to do development work from my home office. I have recently obtained an amateur radio operator's license and am enjoying learning about and participating in ham radio. In addition, I have been a life long gun enthusiast and a member of the NRA. I enjoy shooting as a sport and have a concealed carry permit from South Carolina. My interest in militias stems from the chaos that has arisen in our country. The lack of respect for our flag, our veterans, and our country. I am very concerned with the rise of Antifa, the BLM, illegal immigration, the silent invasion of Islam, and the whole "defund the police" movement. It seems apparent to me the Democratic Party has become an organization dedicated to undermining our constitution and the bill of rights. With the support of the vast majority of the main stream media, I firmly believe we are on the verge of, perhaps, a civil war that will lead to our nation's final demise. This is a fight we dare not lose. I do NOT adhere to the beliefs of the far right, neo-Nazi organizations. I am an American patriot who wants nothing more than to see our country returned to the civilized society our forefathers envisioned. I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to defend our constitution, the bill of rights, and the rule of law. I would like to meet with others of a similar mind and contribute to our nation's largest pool of defenders.
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    2. JPilken


      It’s a link that expires every 24 hrs. We have a discord server set up to expedite chatting 

    3. JPilken


      If you are still interested I’ll keep checking in here hopefully we can get it done 

    4. Shag47


      I'm here, now...

  5. This is my first attempt to contact or consider joining a militia. How does this work? Who do I contact? Is someone going to contact me?
  6. First time on and not sure how to add message. I live in Clover (York County) and would like to know more. Feel free to call or email.
  7. I am a Vietnam combat veteran (‘66-‘68). Very concerned about what I am seeing happen to our country, today. It is my hope to join with others who love our country and honor our heritage. The oath I took upon my enlistment into the Navy is one I will keep as long as I draw breath. It is NOT my intention to violate our Constitution and Bill of Rights, but to defend them as may become necessary. My career in the power generation industry is behind me. Today, my main interests are family, mentoring, shooting, and ham radio.

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