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  1. A local militia isn’t going to win a battle against the US military. the purpose ( I believe ) of the local militia is to defend your local city or town against roving gangs and zombies. Stick with that. Train for that. Prep for that. AA
  2. I don’t know if I would say beat them. Maybe out lasted them. I would hate to go up against a platoon or even a squad of US military infantry. AA
  3. I just joined this site a couple weeks ago. not looks like people are joining this site every day looking for other people to network with. Has the membership exploded on this site? I think this is the beginning of patriots starting to see what’s really going on. I hope we have enough time to organize. AA
  4. Welcome brother. Fellow Hoosier here. Shelbyville
  5. You may be able to own black powder revolvers. Check your state laws. AA
  6. Awesome Looks like fun. Where was this exercise conducted at? AA
  7. ASE


  8. Welcome to the fold.

    I was raised in Shelbyville.  Still have solid friends there.  Family still in the county.

    Currently up near West Lafayette.

    Be safe out there.



  9. Hoosier here also. Hopefully we can get our numbers up.
  10. I just joined here so first I’d like to hi to everyone. im a army veteran, married with kids and a job to support them. I would love to go down to one of these riots and stand there with an american flag and see what happens. But I’m not dumb enough to do it by myself. I want 100 men to stand beside and behind me. Ready to throw down. I want men with bats and clubs up front. Firearms hidden. But accessible if needed. sadly. I don’t think ten men would show up. I feel like we are the minority. AA
  11. Just joined. Shelbyville area. Veteran 11B. Work, wife, and kids. Thinks are getting scary out there. Locked and loaded.

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