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  1. Pa Light foot militia is having a recruitment meeting Sunday August 16 12:00 at Rockey Ridge Park.
  2. Hi Mike,

    I see your in Lock Haven. I’m not far from you in Loganton. Is there any info on your militia. 

    1. Mike Mann

      Mike Mann

      We have a private group on Facebook now and we use Signal for comms, hit me up a friend request and we can probably get you in the group - https://www.facebook.com/mountainmannmike

    2. Mike Mann
  3. Hello, My name is Doug. I beleave that dark days are headed our way. We need to unite and stand to together to protect this country and our rights as AMERICANS because they are slowly being stripped from us. Looking to do my part. Is anyone doing any training in the 717 area.
  4. Freedom Fighter

    Freedom Fighter

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