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  1. veoh looks sounds promising. Veoh is yet another great alternative to YouTube and aside from providing a clean interface for potentially millions of users, there are a lot of perks involved here. First, you can upload any video of any length, meaning a ‘no holds barred’ situation for content creators here. Secondly, there are lots of social features present which will allow you to start sharing your content amongst friends and other people plus if they like your content, then your popularity will exponentially increase. Pros Clean user interface with a lot of social features present so that you are able to engage with your friends and interact with groups and forums Videos of any length can be uploaded and instantly shared Cons Search capability is less than a pleasing experience, meaning other users might revert to finding other alternatives
  2. there is one for shooting videos and things about guns. Gun Video Vault. I guess alot of the you tubers are going there because you tube was demonetizing their videos or removing them. Anyway don't know much about it but it looks nice. Don't know how long its been around or how their service is. NOPE it just host YouTube videos. So its not using anything else. If it gets taken down from YouTube it won't be on here. Nevermind.
  3. the biggest reason militias aren't a viable option is because they cant agree on anything. Everyone wants to be a chief but no one wants to be an Indian. AKA too many chefs spoil the soup, aka everyone wants to be the general, aka a dick measuring contest and you're all coming up short LOL About the only thing ive seen militias agree on is we are for the constitution. Thats it. Period. If we could all work together we would be very powerful. But until that time we are a bunch of ants all separate and all wanting to be important.
  4. there are some out there but most seem to suck. We don't just need an alternative we need one as good as YouTube.
  5. yeah thats just a background check to basically make sure you aren't a felon. Not a registration. if you had to register your weapon you would do that at your local sheriffs department and they would handle that.
  6. what state do you live in if I may ask? I just saw your area code and looked it up. If its Missouri they don't require registration. https://www.gunlaws101.com/state/law/missouri/firearm-registration
  7. https://amrron.com they have a free version and a paid version the paid version is amrron corps. its only 40 a year and gets you access to more sites forums, etc. They have an SOI Standard Operating Instructions for the free and the corps. We do yearly training exercises and there are ongoing constant nets 24/7
  8. looks neat have yall heard of amrron? good group of guys and sounds similar to what you are wanting to do.
  9. the old joke tracers work both ways is true. So do lights and lasers they also work both ways. the enemy has a nice point in which to aim at where the pretty light is coming from. In Afghanistan because our guys had night vision and the enemy didnt we could use i.r. lights but that would be the only time I used a light. Example hide in a dark room and ask your friend to open the door and walk in with a laser turned on. You will see him before he sees you. Same thing with a flashlight.
  10. none of my guns are "Registered" Georgia doesn't make me register my guns.
  11. But seriously back to the original post about a militia library. There is no reason why it cant be online. Yes an emp could happen and if it does you will have more to worry about than some files on a usb stick. Print them out or buy the book if it worries you. There is no way to secure who sees this. Period. If its online anyone can see it. We aren't posting top secret documents here people. Even if we were top secret documents get hacked and stolen online ALL THE TIME. Honestly Google Drive is good enough. with a backup at my militias home office on a hard drive. And no its not secure and its evil google and more than likely if you google that file its somewhere else on the web anyway. This is not a security risk. You aren't hiding the files from the government LOL. But if no one does it then there won't be any files to share with anyone and thats what you have now. Better to act and have a repository than do nothing.
  12. I for one welcome FBI they have good training and could teach us some things. We aren't doing anything illegal so I say the more the merrier. Also I almost spit out my sweet tea when you said sensitive material like demonstrations and such LOL. Most of the militias ive seen post the demonstrations on Facebook for goodness sake LOL. Um yeah thats real secure and sensitive LOL. Sorry just had to pop in here it made me laugh. One last comment no advocacy of armed uprising,......well many of the military manuals are on guerrilla warfare or counter sniping so I guess those shouldn't be allowed in the digital library then.
  13. a hacker friend told me windows 10 and bing were compromised bro LOL seriously. this is a fake post right? at first I thought it might be real but now im not so sure this is laughable at best the things being told to do here as "security" if this is a real post my apologies to the original poster but this is not secure what he is telling everyone to do. I won't post again so this isn't a back and forth post
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