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  1. Hello New Hampshire Patriots.


    Good to see some activity here in the Live Free or Die State.  Starting the conversation here is the first step as we can communicate off the corrupted liberal social media platforms.    Yes, we do need to connect here but we are going to need to link up in person too.   Boots on the ground are where we are at.


    To that end, I am thinking a NH gathering of some kind would be good.  Maybe  the second week of January -   Sunday the 10th -2pm ???


    Perhaps we could start with a zoom meeting.  I am willing to host that and will send a link to any interested Patriot if you email me:  TouchFreedom (at) Protonmail.com     Incidentally, I use proton mail (subscription) because it is not hosted in the US and is encrypted.  Gmail, yahoo and aol are all compromised at this point so we need to think about alternative methods of communication.  www.2AC3.com is a good example.    In any case, I am retired military and think that the next step is actual organization of Patriots.  I look forward to hearing from a few good men and women.  The fight has just begun.

  2. Good 2A networking website:   www.2AC3.org    Get off the social websites and network with Patriots.

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