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  1. An awesome patriotic song/message to social justice warriors.
  2. Thanks for protecting the monuments Ripcannon.
  3. e.c.c.


    But not for a lack of trying [he's been talking to his buddies in Iran]. Poor fellow.... My heart bleeds for him.... They never dreamed this would happen; Hillary was going to win.
  4. He literally crossed the line; crossed the threshold and paid for it. The way it should be. If more attacks ended in this way, there would be a lot less attacks...
  5. I think it's time they learned some manners, the hard way....
  6. Like was said, typical leftist radical.... Come and take them Emma....
  7. The mainstream media will never touch a story like this one. As far as their concerned, the less people exposed to a story like this the better, because it blows their narrative right out of the water.
  8. Huckabee on the Trinity Broadcasting Network [TBN]
  9. Plus the fact that Fox News presents liberal viewpoints too. But they're the only major tv network that gives conservatives a fair shake. Smaller networks like Newsmax and The Blaze are doing an awesome job too.
  10. I flip around. Believe me, I know what they're saying. Right now they're in panic mode, for good reason.

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