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  1. From my cold dead hands bitches.... And I mean that in the nicest possible way.... Time to make some more purchases while I can.
  2. Prayers going out for Rush Limbaugh and family. He announced today that he has advanced lung cancer.
  3. The deep state is being exposed more and more as time goes on. A lot of it we already knew; but of course it takes awhile for it to bust through the constant obstruction of the mainstream media so that everyone in America gets the info.
  4. I wasn't there myself but I definitely appreciate the thousands that were.
  5. It's like the U.S. military in a way. We show what we're capable of and it's a deterrent. Basically, we didn't start it, but we'll be glad to finish it.
  6. And talk about an impressive display of weaponry... Makes me want to go out and buy more!
  7. Watch: Virginia gun rights activists speak out during Second Amendment rally foxnews.com/us/virginia-capitol-gun-rights-rally I can't post videos anymore.
  8. Fist to face justice may well be needed. They're not used to anyone standing up to them apparently, or they wouldn't be talking shit...
  9. Once again, thanks Let Freedom Ring! You're alright, I tell you what...
  10. It's there, but for some reason the URL doesn't work. If you go to youtube and put in that title, it should show up on the list. It's an OAN video.
  11. This is a really good clip from Huckabee but I couldn't get the link to work when I posted it.

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