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    The 19th/43rd is having a meet & greet in Idaho Falls tomorrow morning 8/1/20 at 1000 at the Veterans War Memorial at Memorial Dr and Legion Dr. All are welcome! You can find us on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/19Bn43FFLightFootMilitia.
  2. The rank is not a stolen valor issue, but any medals are. THe militia units (at least in ID) use the rank structure of the US Military and those ranks are either conferred by officers for the enlisted ranks, or voted on by the unit for the officers. It's no different that a volunteer fire deparment, in that respect. I don't see a problem with the guys display of rank. I have a feeling that he didn't earn it, but that is irrelevant. Stolen valor infers the commission of a felony criminal act and we are beyond worrying about that now. If they are playing war like we did as kids, let them. If they want to dance, that pin-on insignia is meaningless.
  3. Idaho Falls here, as well. I am working to organize the 19th Bn/43rd FF Light Foot and could definitely use some experienced people with a desire to be more than a number on a list. I personally have EMT and armed security experience, along with both a ham radio and GMRS license. I have a full kit, either in hand or on order to be delivered in the coming weeks; ready to start training in earnest. Lets get together and get this going.
  4. I had the same idea and am working to put together a light foot unit. If you are interested, I'd be more than happy to work together.
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