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  1. Plano, TX here. HAM operator. Information warfare. Software designer. Arms.
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  3. I believe leadership and organization of forces from the neighborhood to regional level is required. DILIGENT ACTION. We find ourselves in the middle of an unconventional war being waged on multiple fronts - informational, civil, martial. The enemy is a hive of brainwashed zombies operating on auto-pilot - what Spandrell has referred to as a Distributed Marxist Network. The zombies needn't even know - and indeed often DON'T KNOW - WHY they are doing what they do - the purposes of their controllers are accomplished merely by sowing chaos. The mind virus has implanted itself and taken root in millions of the most vulnerable minds. Often these are people who are social outliers or outcasts or guilt-ridden nurturing types with martyr complexes who feel responsible and want to the oppressed. The working class has paid the higher education system - made up of activists who 40 years ago were domestic terrorists blowing up buildings -- to teach our children history framed exclusively through the Marxist lens of Victim and Oppressor. Just as in Bolshevik Russia, the fringe groups have been offered elevated status in exchange for their loyalty and participation in a Holy War against Evil. The Evil are you and me. The spoils of victory - our cities and all the resources contained therein - will be up divided later at the discretion of the "benefactors" of the revolution: i.e. not the angry children screaming in the streets, but the ones controlling them. The zombie children, the weak and alienated ones, are disposable cannon fodder for the Lenins and the Stalins of this world - they are promised bread and then lined up in front of ditches when they no longer serve the purposes of the Comrade Architects. There is no guarantee we will win this war, and indeed, things look pretty bleak from where I sit. It's now or never, baby.

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