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  1. Hello, I am Susan Iannitelli in Evergreen AL. I support our civil society and rule of law under US CONST.
  2. Hello. I am Susan Iannitelli, I live in Evergreen. [email protected]
  3. Hello, I am Susan Iannitelli.  I moved to Evergreen AL last Sept.  I am interested in joining a militia to protect the civil society and US CONST.  I am from Rhode Island, a former State legislator, Trump delegate to RNC 2016.  I have defensive pistol training.  I have no interest in any group which does not respect the law or promotes racial division.

  4. The title Mrs. Was my attempt to complete my name ising the required title. I practised law for 42 years. I moved to Alabama from Rhode Island where I served in the State legislature for 6 years. I was a Trump delegate to RNC 2016
  5. Hello, I live in Evergreen, AL. I support the US Constitution and civil society. I am not interested in racial intolerance and division. I am a pistol shooter with self defense traning.
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