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  1. Now that adds a new dimension to this ! But as the house Speaker She still would be in place up to the vote count tally ! And then Whom ever it might be would have to be Voted in . All in all it could very well be the the COUP by the DEEP STATE we all know is coming!!
  2. I guess you have to understand how the system works. With Pence on the ticket SHE IS THIRD IN LINE BY LAW
  3. We can shoot to if anyone wants to HELL we can shoot out to 860 yards in my yard if you want LOL I got a great FREEDOM SHACK built just for that stuff 106_0203.MOV
  4. Folks we need to get this going or just let it go at that We all know the Stakes so lets try to have a sit down and a FACE TO FACE I dont trust 1 DAMN person on the net period I will explain why in person then you wont
  5. ROLLCENTER well I am a old Race car driver and that is one of the main things in keeping the greasy side down when setting up a car !
  6. The 800 Pound GORILLA is this MAIL IN VOTING with COVID 1984 in Play!!!!!!! Here is how it will play out and this is the reason why they LET BIDEN IN !!!! The vote will be challenged by the GOP for unfair mail in Ballots THE LEFT will agree to a recount and tie this shit up for MONTHS just like Trump says will happen!!!! Here is the GORILLA Both Biden AND TRUMP are now SIDELINED BY LAW while the recount plays out !!!!!!! AND BY LAW NANCY PELOSI BECOMES THE INTERIM PRESIDENT OF THE USA WAKE UP FOLKS THE LEFT IS PLAYING US LIKE A FIDDLE
  7. We are putting something for locals up North if it isnt to far for you
  8. I sent you the location C,junior2021 It will be like 100 degrees this weekend guys but if you want to meet up fine with me Im a SHADE HOG when its that hot
  10. GUYS I AM IN WELD COUNTY on the EASTERN SLOPE so I will not be going over to the WEST SLOPE
  11. I am in the Greeley AO not interested in DRIVING THRU ENEMY territory to meet up We need a Squad up here of ACTIVE FOLKS
  12. Welcome I am not in your AO but I share the same as you I am out EAST of all the BS cant find anyone out here but you seem to have a few in your AO START WITH CITIZENS GRAD JURY ADJUDICATION and get your group up to speed on this If you need some help on this just ask I am no LAWYER but I did stay at a HOLIDAY INN
  13. COMMS really I cant even find 1 PERSON IN MY AO

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