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  1. Join Donald Trump's website the donald.win. It is a 24/7 rally full of American Patriots. After Reddit Banned The_Donald Patriots banned together and started their own website. You will find dank memes and news that you will not see on the Faux News Lame stream Media. You do not have to join to see the content.
  2. To Help Get Your word Out Make Sure You Join Donald Trump's website . It is a website that is a Trump rally 24/7 Full of Patriots. great place for getting news that is not fake. https://thedonald.win/
  3. I am not military but I dearly love America. I am sadden at the state of affairs that we find our country in today. I belive in the United States Constitution and that it should be follow to the letter. I am for law and order.I have supported every President no matter the political party. We live in the best place on planet earth...but if a small minority have their way...we will turn into a communist shithole. God Bless America.
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