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  1. I am an Air Force Veteran. NRA instructor in Basic Pistol and Personal Protection, Member GOA, GRNC, trained with Modern Warrior, train with the Krav Mega Shooting Academy. I am just an ordinary guy with a wife and kids to protect. I am a Christian foremost, Patriot and Constitutionalist. I find it sad to witness the decay in our society: disrespect, ungrateful, violent, enemies of freedom and all that is good. People who have it so good because of the sacrifice of others! Only to use their freedom, time, and money, to destroy and subvert the freedoms of others and America. We have subversive, treasons people in positions of power facilitating the demise of our great freedoms. John Adams would say, they are "Unfit for Office" Things cannot be allowed to continue down this path.

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