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  1. Thank you so much! I believe if Biden wins we are all in trouble from increased lawlessness that will follow, the death of our constitution and democracy, the implementation of left wing policies of socialism and marxism to replace capitalism, and not only increased taxes but all of our investments and savings will be eyed as a new source of revenue to the democrats. They will raid all these investments that boomers and elderly people have and that will do it under the cover if the tax code. They can and will diminish and deplete your 401k, tax deferred annuities, money markets, IRAs, savings, stocks and bonds. Maybe even equity in paif off homes. How? They will impose new taxes where there were none to tap these vast deposits of wealth because they are going to ruin the economy for businesses undoing all if Trump's genius work to create a climate conducive to business. When you do that, you destroy the tax base. Only option then is to go after the creation in business and working with enormous taxes and to go after untapped pools of money perverting capital gains laws and robbing those pools with horrid far reaching taxes to "spread the wealth." That's if Biden wins. Believe me, I have an MBA and understand business and economics. I appeal to everyone out there who cares about our country to prepare in case this dark event of a Biden presidency happens. Move fast to liquify your investments! Talk to a good financial advisor for specific steps before those laws change. Use part of it to buy gold for trade in a chaotic and destroyed society ahead. Get your survival supplies if you don't have them. Hook up with these militia groups and prepper! That's my plan. And I'm not a standard soldier or Rambo. But at my age I can operate invisibly to gain to intelligence to contribute. I can care for the militia members by cooking! I can learn to use a tactical pen, guns, and anything else. No one is too old and everybody can help is my motto!
  2. Hello everyone! The horrific events this year that are threatening our country and way of life the US Constitution has afforded us is beyond unsettling. These riots and violence in our major cities defy logic. I cannot sit idly by and watch. I am not military, but I'm smart with 3 college degrees so I know I can learn quickly and contribute to defending our country. I want to find local like minded people to train with, and if events get so out of control that there is no coming back, then to evacuate with to a safe survivalist community of preppers, which I want to become too. I'm not in good shape right now but I'm working on getting fit again and I am committed to training with active groups who will let me join. Thanks! God Bless the USA and help us save it !!

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