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  1. The scamdemic ia sideshow, but it is very real. It was intentional. It's purpose is to rid the world of non-productive people, sick people(like me) and old people who are a burden monetarily on governments. The one world government is here NOW. It is called the Federal Reserve. The FED's created purpose since 1913 is to become the lender and buyer of recourse. The people(the RICH) who comprise and support this institution are now in charge. They tell national managements(beacuse there are no governments) what to do. Trump does not tell J Powell what's going to be, Powell tells Trump. Imagine a million or two or three people no longer on social security, medicare, medicaid or SSD. Multiply this over the planet. Now you are talking real money. The die has been struck, the cards have been played. People have been screaming this long before I became aware of the Tri-Laterial Alliance(later the Tri-Laterial Commission) a loose organization between Germany, Japan and the USA, in 1978. A one world government through the control of ENERGY, FOOD, and MONEY. Well guess what.
  2. War zone you got that right 

    1. Olddavid


      Are you getting prepared? Storing food and essential items?

    2. JAC


      Yes working on it. Live in a small apartment and don’t have much storage area but getting what we can some suggestions on essentials would be great

    3. Olddavid


      Toilet paper of course. Fire starter material. Drinking water. Long storage foods(meaning your favorite foods).  Invest all you can now because prices are already rising. Hoard things that can be traded.  Look around at what you have and get more of it. Defend your fridge. That where the fight will be.

  3. I live in Warzone Memphis. Contact me

  4. I live in Warzone Memphis. Contact me

  5. I live in Warzone Memphis. Contact me

  6. Olddavid here. Available to communicate in Memphis.


  7. Olddavid here. Available to communicate in Memphis

  8. Mornin brother

    1. Olddavid


      Greetings from warzone Memphis.

  9. I am seeking to communicate with other 901 members

  10. I am seeking to communicate with other 901 members

    1. BLMAGA
    2. Olddavid


      Good. I just got back from being locked out of the site.  I've been chattin' with DanMan form over around Savannah way. Not to fond of Memphis but we are here until the wife retires. I'm hunkered down right now staying as safe as i can manage. Whats up with you?

    3. BLMAGA


      I don't like Memphis. Been here all my life but I don't drink the water. I'm made a mistake and entered a mortgage. Neighborhood ain't so bad but it ain't so good. Wife homeschools the kids. I stay out of the way. I want to get out of Memphis because it's doomed to be Democrat. It's only a matter of time before Strickland and the looney council will have us in food lines as soon as they are instructed to do so. But I'm as prepared as I can be within city limits. 

  11. I am seeking to communicate with other 901 members

  12. I am seeking to communicate with other 901 members

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