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  1. MANY OF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT THE SMALL SHIT! The big shit is the marxists! If you are afraid, get out! Airborne!
  2. Well, I'd have to violate the curfew and if challenged tell them that you are a safe neighborhood volunteer. Make sure you take videos of blm/antifa violating the curfew. Airborne!
  3. Having my name doesn't bother me at all. They have all of your names also just as we/I have some of their names. It's the outcome that matters! The Sun wrote an accurate account of things that may happen. SOL for the rest of them This reminds me of the time a Texas Game Warden asked some of my friends that I hog hunted with with catch dogs many years ago of where I was hunting at that night. One of my friends called me the next morning about this, I called the Game Warden's home, he was asleep, I told him who I was and said that I was informed that he asked about me
  4. The problem is that no one up north, conservatives, protest these illegal actions. Only you all, in Indiana, have been the 'heartbeat' of the militia movement for years. Airborne!
  5. Paratroopers; We jump to fight! Kill a commie for mommy! Airborne!
  6. In the 82nd in Vietnam we burned up lots of barrels but never the action. Airborne!
  7. Yep, the bi-pod is missing which allowed the 'gunner' to lay prone on the ground. The ammo bearer and the assistant gunner each carried an extra barrel and an asbestos glove to change the barrel out when it got really hot. This was a great weapon-7.62x51-308. 82nd Airborne-Vietnam 1968-69 Company Commander's Radio Operator 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
  8. Also, the feds are worried about guns crossing our border into Mexico so the reverse will have to happen and WE need to be in control if this this should it come to a two way rifle range. We could always get our patriotic firearms and munitions manufacturing companies to set up in another country, say Costa Rica. I'm sure some of you probably have a better place and I understand. All of the communist biden supporters took their support sign down on 4 November. The Trump supporters still have them up and I just noticed, at sundown, most Trump supporters now have flood light shini
  9. When 'beto' was running as a candidate in the marxists party and he said in that debate that "hell yes, I'm coming for your AK 47s and your AR 15s" I called his campaign headquarters in El Paso, gave them my name and home address and told them that I want 'beto' to personally come get my AR 15. He hasn't shown up as to this date!
  10. always portray them the way they portray us....propaganda is very useful...they have been using it for the last 4 years..
  11. well, take the leftists name and send it onto facebook and twitter, use the words "I have heard" he/she donated to the Trump organization to start a two way target range. Airborne!
  12. I do not need a list of them to settle any score! I have known who they are for a good while! 82nd Airborne!
  13. Happy Veterans Day, Im honored to know you. Bill

    SmartSelect_20201027-122819_Samsung Internet.jpg

  14. Probably the greatest problem we have is that most of you have never served in our military. Squeezing a trigger is the last thing a unit will have to do if things go to crap. 82nd Airborne-Vietnam

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