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  1. A little reason and sanity, and some actual facts. https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2021/01/capitol-hill-riot-was-pelosis-fault-not-trumps-daniel-greenfield/#.YAMw0FsAUyE.facebook
  2. Signal Tweet - @signalapp 9h ago We have been adding new servers and extra capacity at a record pace every single day this week nonstop, but today exceeded even our most optimistic projections. Millions upon millions of new users are sending a message that privacy matters. We appreciate your patience.
  3. Signal problems are worldwide, not just here in the US. https://downdetector.com/status/signal/
  4. And another newer article with a bit more info. https://www.theverge.com/2021/1/15/22232993/signal-outage-new-users-messages-not-sending
  5. Update Here's the most likely scenario and what is known at this time. https://www.androidauthority.com/signal-not-working-1193422/
  6. Signal has been down for at least a couple hours now. Their apps on android and for desktop can not connect to the net and can't send/receive messages. I'd assume all versions of their app are having the same issues. They are aware and are working on it. Just a head's up for folks. Not sure what's going on, but being the suspicious type, I always wonder when this sort of stuff happens. Especially when the left is trying its absolute best to shut down all conservative access to the net and secure comms.
  7. As someone who worked in media, I can tell you this; if you can't find two independent and known reliable sources to verify something, and/or documentation to back it up, it is just a rumor and you do not publish it. We should employ the same standard. Passing something on when you have no idea if it is true or not, even with the caveat that you don't know and are just passing it on, is engaging in disinformation. Now sometimes, rarely and only in conjunction with specific events where someone's safety might be at risk, passing on unverified intel with a caveat is probably okay. But any other
  8. Goes into what was captured, and most importantly, points out how insecure Parler was. I know it gets old to have us constantly hammering on security, especially online security. But the fact is, your security is only important to you and your family, and it is in the final event, up to only you. You can not expect websites or apps or anyone else to give a shit or to actually protect you. You must do that yourself (at least as much as you can, I am sure Amazon has all she got and a lot more, and the government can always get your info). But for run of the mill doxing and protection from Antifa
  9. It's not a matter of getting on a list. Remember what happened to Enrique Tarrio when he entered DC on the 6th, a known and anticipated event? And Corey O. Nielsen when he was stabbed at a rally where, again they knew where a group of folks would be in advance. Or this, which was again a case where they knew where a group of patriots would be in advance, and could prepare. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/trump-supporters-and-police-attacked-by-blm-and-antifa-in-san-diego/ It is just not smart to gather together and even less smart to discuss the planning etc., in an insecure forum. Set thi
  10. As has already been said, because they have money. They are using the weapons they are suing for a reason, not for lack of funds. No way to trace them or the weapons, do not get put on any lists, not going to trigger anyone if they see some lumber in a truck and a box of nails. No need to register. Not going to violate any gun laws. And on and on. They have teams of people doing spotting and attacks, and research and intel, and transport systems and teams. And they can operate without fear of interdiction because they have politicians and "important" people helping them and protecting them. Th
  11. I think we need to get frosty and not be driven by emotion. We need to work the problem. But we do not need to cool off in the sense that we dink a beer and just watch things happen. We do need to be aware of how what we say can be used against us, be twisted and misquoted and taken out of context. We do need to watch what we say.
  12. You'll get no argument form me on any of that. But to try and push people to centralize, well it is just a horrible idea. And for a bunch of reasons, not the least of which is safety and security. And as I commented about on another thread, because a militia is not the same as a military. And what works for one may well be a cluster f for another. Just because there are similarities between American football and Aussie football does not mean you can force the tactics from one onto the players of the other.
  13. So, just like the Dems, anyone who disagrees with you doesn't understand, is a dipshit, doesn't want to actually do something, blah blah blah. There is no room for anyone to see it differently. It is your way or the highway. Only you truly understand and see things as they really are. Only your ideas and opinions are the officially approved ideas and opinions. Gee, thanks for the AV aid to help make my point.
  14. Man you are like a broken record. I sincerely hope you find a bunch of like minded guys to follow you and help you create the one militia to rule them all. But you should expect many of us to not be any more willing to be ruled by you and your guys, than we are willing to be ruled by Pelosi and her folks. Substituting one ruling faction for another is how most revolutions ended up simply being regime changes. You can count me out on any of the plans you're pushing to have a mass meeting, or a single national command to run all the militias, or any such centralized goals.
  15. We are all sitting here reeling from watching the GOP turn on Trump and the American people, and you want to make membership contingent on being not just a member of that party, but a long term member? Really? What election did you sit through? As far as I am concerned anyone who is a member of any party, is suspect. I try not to hold it against members of the GOP as the breadth of their treachery is only now becoming obvious. But people should vote for people, not parties.

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