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  1. Hey Jim. My wife and I moved from Oakridge, OR to AZ just over a year ago, for many of the same reasons as you. We live out in East/central AZ, near Saint Johns. You'll love it down here. There is a Militia forming in your area, part of the Civilian Defense Force. The man forming it is a retired Marine and a good, smart guy. You'll be lucky to be involved in his unit.
  2. Breaking News -- FBI confirms that the sun is real. Video at 11.
  3. We actually had a jigsaw puzzle made from it. But it was so damned hard that everyone got angry at it. They were 551 pieces and 24"x18". I still have one of them left but someone lost one of the pieces.
  4. When we moved down here to AZ we literally bought a 34 ft motorhome just to transport the dogs down here. Now it makes a nice guest house. Most of our dogs over the years have been lovers who'd kill you with kisses, but we have always had one or two that would just plain kill you.
  5. Yeah each dog ate a bit more than a 40 lb bag per month, so we were buying 30 bags/mo.
  6. You know we never had to worry about security or locking our doors. :-)
  7. So the shot above is from a number of years ago. That was our living room floor in our home in OR. We had 28 dogs at that time, all Great Danes. We are down to "just" 7 dogs now, 3 Danes, a staffy, a lab, a catahoula and a pittie mix. Here's a shot of our living room in AZ now. Left to right we have Derrick, Ashley, Pudgy, Spike, Special Ed, Stinky, and on the floor is Pretzel.
  8. By @RealBreckWorsham on Parler Last night in California, a 6 year old boy begged God to save his mother's life after she was ambushed and shot, unprovoked, while sitting in her police car. Today, the NFL will honor and praise the organization that stood out outside his mother's hospital chanting "we hope she dies." Make no mistake. Anyone who watches football today, purchases NFL merchandise or supports these teams in any way has blood on their hands. Shame on you. #BackTheBlue
  9. But that was not what was asked or being discussed. What was asked was would you refuse to support Pelosi if, per the constitution, she were to be made acting president in the event there is no clear winner on 1/20. OTOH if there is any time you would find outright violating the constitution acceptable, how can you call yourself a patriot? The constitution does allow us to overthrow an unjust government and to fight against attempts to subvert the constitution or to take over the country. But it does not allow us to pick and chose what/when we will abide by it.
  10. Well, either we are patriots who believe in the constitution, or we aren't. Can't have it both ways. Can't support it when it gives you what you want, but ignore it when you don't like what it gives you. That's the Democrat way not the patriot way. So barring clear cut constitutional improprieties, yes we would have to accept Pelosi as **acting** president. That doesn't mean we can't use the courts to tie her hands as much as possible until a real winner can be determined and a real president installed, that would be entirely constitutional. That doesn't mean we can't file lawsuits to challenge any voter funny business, again, totally constitutional. It's not about what they would call us, it's about what we would be. Are we patriots who truly abide by the constitution or aren't we? If we only believe in the constitution when we like it, we are NOT patriots.
  11. Yeah, having lived in OR from 1983 to 2019 I have been paying attention to the wildfires on the west coast. And I had a good laugh as the news tried its best to fact check away the claims that Antifa members were involved in starting some of these fires. When they went to great lengths to point out that a BLM activist had been arrested, but there had been no connection to Antifa, I almost spit coffee all over my keyboard. As if there is any separation or difference.
  12. If this was directed at me, no I am not in your area (I am assuming you mean Sandpoint ID, and not standpoint). I'm not in the pacific NW at all, I am in AZ. For everyone's safety, have you considered using secure email, like ProtonMail https://protonmail.com/, that encrypts everything end-to-end so that no one else can see the contents of an email? Or maybe a secure texting/messaging app like Signal https://signal.org/, which does the same thing for text, messages and video calls? This might be the best way to get your info out there, without any risk to anyone.
  13. And learn who pays for this crap. Their sponsors have nothing to do with blacks or racism. They are purely a communist organization that uses these "causes" to destabilize. https://www.influencewatch.org/non-profit/alliance-for-global-justice/ https://capitalresearch.org/article/communists-funding-the-resistance-the-alliance-for-global-justice/ Also learn a bit more about BLM's funding and organization, because M4BL is part of the BLM movement. https://capitalresearch.org/article/the-organizational-structure-of-black-lives-matter/ But even the communist thing is a misdirection. Their communist cloak is just for show. Their real support comes from globalists. Just look at who is funding them. Study up on this and what you'll learn is these are all subordinate or related entities, Antifa, BLM, M4BL, Occupy Wallstreet, anti-fracking groups, Refuse Fascism, and many other names you would be familiar with, as well as some who are very active but not so high profile, all are part of a single driving force. Many are funded in part by AfGJ. Many share other donors or receive support from other leftist, globalist, and social justice organizations, either directly or indirectly through the latest scams called fiscal sponsorships and donor-advised funds. And all share common goals with AfGJ. As you'll see in these links, these groups, including AfGJ are sponsored by some very familiar names, including George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and The New World Foundation, which was headed by none other than Hillary Clinton from '82 to '88. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Bottom line is these supposedly disparate groups like BLM and Antifa, are actually working under the same banners, supported by the same people and looking to force the same changes, especially on the US. They are not trying to address specific supposed injustices like racism, they are using these "causes" to promote their real agenda, the overthrow of the US, and consolidation of power into the hands of the global elite. They aren't even interested in communism, though they are happy to use the resources of the groups pushing for communism. Just as they are happy to use causes like environmentalism, indigenous rights, gay rights, LGBT, etc. But make no mistake, when their revolution succeeds in tearing down America, these causes will find they will be tossed aside, their goals abandoned, and the global elite will usher in a fascist system that will do far more harm to their causes than anything they have seen in the free world.

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