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  1. Doc says you are looking some things.  Gab is buckling under it's new load right now, so let me know at [email protected] what you are looking for.

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    2. MarcS


      Shit I should have told you this stuff, sorry. My AR is 5.56. And my 9mm is a Taurus G2C which is +P rated. 

    3. MarcS


      Oh and the AR is a carbine, 16" M4 profile CMV Steel Barrel w/1:7 twist, Carbine-Length Gas System.

    4. Spider 1 8 Actual

      Spider 1 8 Actual

      Thanks, I looked up the Tula, I'm sure the fps Tula advertises is from a universal tube or a bolt action test weapon.  I've got a request out for info on the actual MV on a AR platform in my reloading group on GAB.  I want to duplicate The Tula it as much as possible on the Bushmaster I'll be testing on.  Short of that I think I have a few of those Tulas laying about I can test.  NATO spec is 3260, I think I have a few of those I can test as well.


      We'll get there.  A bit of interest on GAB for what we are doing with this powder, So I am working it up using 4 different primers, all LC brass.  



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