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  1. Correct. I have my H&R .308 tuned. Shot a deer at 100yds. in the heart, and it fell down.
  2. They have excellent cameras and are watching you.
  3. Look out for my single shot .308 with my handloads, very accurate and deadly. Just sayin.
  4. Agree...my diamond sharpeners are great. The finer the diamonds the finer the edge. I still use a stone at times, and still get a razor edge. I like a leather strop for final edge no matter if using stone or diamond sharpener. In emergency...a hard smooth rock will work when nothing else is available.
  5. Really? You do know that sharpening stones are made from some type of rock..........
  6. Facebook has been deleting a lot of groups having to do with conservative views. threepercenters.org was taken down a couple months ago. The big money elites are trying to silence any opposition to their communist views.

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