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  1. Agreed. I thought stormfront was a joke. This is worse by 10x. Ive got 5 people in my brunswick militia and ive never spoken to 1 of them.
  2. Still figuring this forum out. I try not to be serious but im always honest. They called me Dirty Sanchez in the Army. I give 0 fucks what people think of me due to my giant balls and my 118 gt score. Lions are not concerned with opinions of lambs. 85% of this planet has a lower iq than me and less motivation so why would i care what anyone thinks about how i choose to be savage. I dont tell people how to be simps so i dont let people tell me how to be savage.
  3. I use my porn name from pornhub. Feel free to watch my videos. Dont leave bad reviews please. Dont be a Dick.
  4. Im looking to make like minded friends. My views are pro constitution and anti federal government. Not looking to join ANY group with a hate agenda. Im a political centrist who leans right on pro 1st and 2nd amendment positions. Im laid Back and dont judge others. I believe everyone has an equal right to freedom regardless of race, religion or politics. I firmly believe If I let the government take other peoples rights they will take mine soon after.
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