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  1. How about it, guys? We should do a meet and greet or something. Anyone waiting for something to start, it's started. If it comes here, we should have at least met each other beforehand. I'm happy to try to organize something, just send me a PM if you are interested in more than just chatting online.
  2. I would love to get something started here in Cabell County. I feel like, if the rioting and other nonsense ever reaches our area, the Huntington area is a high-risk area and it would be good to have a well organized group that is able to step up and help protect the community and backup our police and sheriffs if needed.
  3. Have you been able to connect with anyone in Cabell county?

    1. Ron Smith

      Ron Smith

      So far no one has replied to anything.

  4. I am located in Huntington. Prior Army/Air Force. Interested in helping out as needed and able.
  5. I spent my first year in the Army at Fort Leonard Wood because they didn't want to assign me out to another unit for the short time before I switch to the guard so I could do college. Once I switched to the Air Force, I was in Lackland for Basic, Keesler for training, and then I spent the next six years at Rhein Main AB in Germany. I loved it there. Since I had a TS/SCI clearance I was assigned to a comm center for Desert Storm and the Berlin Wall came down while I was there so I got to go and chip a little piece off the wall personally.
  6. I did! Summer of 1985, Fort Lost in the Woods, Misery 😄
  7. Ron Smith

    Ron Smith

  8. Hello, My name is Ron Smith. There are more than a few of us out there with that name, but I'm not any of the well knowns. I was born and raised in West Virginia, left for about 30 years, now I'm back. I joined the Army after high school, trained as a 64C Truck Driver and then went to VIP Driver Training. I switched to the National Guard for college (officer's candidate), but they cancelled the program so I switched to the Air Force for a Computer/Communication Systems job (I tell everyone that I loved basic training so much, I just had to do it again). I've been an avid shooter since I was a teenager. I worked in the armory when I was in the guard and learned some basic gunsmithing that I have kept up with over the years and I have recently started reloading. I went to a few meetings with a militia group when I was living in Texas but, with things going the way they are right now, I'm ready to get more seriously involved with a group here in West Virginia.

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