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  1. Sounds good. Guys is there anything in the works to get together for a meeting?
  2. Good Day Sir

    This is to confirm my desire to work within the militia you lead.

    I am responsive to any request and hope to hear from you soon.

  3. I'm in liberal Austin TX. Actually in the Lake Travis area which isn't much better. My background is as follows; 6 years USN, 8 years LAW Enforcement (sheriff's dept) Merchant Marine Officer, and security contractor 1 year active in Africa. My passport is as thick as a small Bible so I have no issue with travel. I am interested in being part of a active unit. Due to the mail in ballot push I believe President Trump may face a real challenge getting re-elected. If this happens the possability of Antifa, BLM moving destruction assaults and arson into the suburbs being embolden by the election of a half brain dead Democrat and a radical America hating VP. Consider me on call. I hope to hear from rational thinking individuals who are concerned for the country and families.
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