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  1. Understood, I am more front range but if we are going to call everything eastward of Larimer one "division", it might make sense to chooses a muster point further east, even we do have a bit of a longer drove form the front range probably want to spread the driving a bit.
  2. If you need to upload a video, look into bitchute.com it is better than youtube about the censorship, though they use discus for their comments, so the comments are still relatively censored. Also I have heard reports of some videos being taken down from bitchute but it seems they are still a better option than youtube.
  3. Has there been any decisions about where to draw the dividing lines? I'm quite new and do not want to step on anyone toes, or re-do any work that has already been done. Obviously it is difficult to build momentum on these things, but it seems that the Antifa communists have probably done a better job advertising for militias than the militias themselves possibly could. If we could figure out how to take best advantage of it.
  4. How many Militia members on this site are active along or around the north-east front range. Like many people here I am interested in getting organized, and looking for others in my area. I have seen it mentioned that the Colorado Front Range Militia while relatively large seems to have some administrative issues and doesn't respond to new applicant quickly or consistently. From the Map it seems that there are quite a few people in and around the Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley area but the amount of activity here suggests that might represent registrations by folks that aren't active on this site. So who else is interested in getting more organized? I am able and willing to do some administrative grunt work but I would need to understand what there is to be administrated.
  5. Victor T

    Victor T

  6. Hello, My name is Victor I live in Northern Colorado, Larimer county for those familair with the state. I am a God fearing man. A am a freedom loving man. I have never served in the military, though I have family who do. I have been poking around the forums a bit, and it seems that my story is not at all an uncommon one. Recent event have made me realize that it is time to "put up or shut up" so to speak, I have long respected militiamen but never considered joining one personally. Always had a vague sort of notion that if the time came I would join-up on the fly. With the storm on the horizon, I came to realize that the time to join up is now not after the metaphorical thunder starts. I've been shooting since I was a kid and have some fieldcraft, but am no eaglescout. Like a lot of new members, I am looking get organized and to get ready.

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