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  1. I am still learning how to use this site. I am not good with these hig tech stuff. I am an old guy too. Former USCG. I am good with shooting guns and hitting the target. I am scared the day has come that citizens need to form a well armed militia and take our country back. The elitist wantto kill us all. I fear for my grand kids and I am ready to die to save my country if that is what it takes. Our government has been infiltrated by evil doers. I am not sure now if Trump will be able to save us from them. He keeps pushing this vaccine even though thise doctors that got cencored told us they ha
  2. I am scared the time has come for organize and hopefully take our country back. Too much crazy stuff is happening and I don't know who to trust. I know if a militia is organized on FB or Twitter it would be cencored before it could be effective. I truely believe they are out to kill us and America. I am here hoping to find answers and help. I do know this vaccine is designed to kill us once the next virus is released. I believed in Trump but he keeps pushing the vaccine even after those doctors who were cencored told us the cure. I feel we are all about to be bamboozled.

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