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  1. and from my perspective, I see militia groups already coordinating. They just don't do it on a public site like this that is easily trackable.
  2. Excellent insight into Antifa - their tactics and organization. https://uncoverdc.com/2020/11/03/the-coming-chaos-a-primer/
  3. Richard Wurmbrand was a Romanian pastor when the Soviets were starting to eat up Eastern Europe in the 1950's. When there was an assembly of national pastors in Romania, which included Soviet representatives, he and his wife were in the balcony observing their friends cave to the Soviet propaganda and accept their talking points. He kept hemming and hawing about going up to the mic to say something. His wife looked at him with a piercing gaze and said, "I would rather be a widow than married to a coward." He went to the mic and vocally protested that this Soviet propaganda was evil a
  4. THIS is ANOTHER reason why Black Lives Matter is evil. Not only is it driven by Marxists/Communists, but the leadership is invoking West African spiritism in their rituals as part of their "protests". As a Christian, THIS is the direct pipeline to Satanic influence, which explains the violent and merciless attacks on private citizens. Here is the link to the article: https://berkleycenter.georgetown.edu/responses/the-fight-for-black-lives-is-a-spiritual-movement Here is an excerpt (highlights added): "On June 2, 2020, Black Lives Matter’s Los Angeles Chapter spon
  5. So what is the purpose of a tea party and how is it different from, say, the Convention of States?
  6. My wife has a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield .380. Super comfortable for her with easy control. I also a Springfield that uses .380 ammo. It has been helpful to use the same ammo for each handgun. When I find .380 available, I buy it up!
  7. I am in Christian ministry and I see an awakening within the community of believers within my circle and area. Honestly, I think NOT having sports as a constant distraction and facing some tough economic times has re-centered many. I am also hearing more pastors speaking about these things from the pulpit. This is good because we have allowed the secular culture to fill the void on sexuality, politics, philosophy, etc for too long. I do believe our nation is going to bottom out very soon. We cannot mock God with our immortality and expect no consequences BUT I see a growing number of the young
  8. This is very helpful for me and my family to use as we look to improve our readiness!
  9. Would a chat window be more secure?
  10. Good question! I'm still very new to the platform and am only just beginning to meet some members from 717, so I don't know if I can effectively answer that question just yet.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. It's still something that I'm ruminating it's merits. This convo gives me some food for thought.
  12. Honest question. What are people's thoughts on the Convention of States? https://conventionofstates.com/what-is-a-convention-of-states#:~:text=A convention of states is,Article V of the Constitution.&text=It cannot throw out the,is derived from the Constitution.
  13. I am new to this group but am seeing the Marxist revolution happening before my eyes and am deeply concerned. I do not bring any military experience with me but I have been a Bible teacher and itinerant pastor for over 20 years. I'll contribute in any way that I can. I also carry. I'm not a paciist. I believe in 2A as Biblical.
  14. Just joined last night. I live in Manheim. I do not have military experience but would qualify as a chaplain per se. Been teaching the Bible for over 20 years and am an itinerant pastor. I see the Marxist revolution happening before my eyes and am deeply concerned. 

    I'll contribute in whatever ways that I can. And, yes, I do carry. I'm not a pacifist. 

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