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  1. Sadly, we’re already in a Civil War. With the failure of the Government to fulfill its mandate — to keep the peace and prosecute rioters and looters — and even worse, prosecuting law-abiding citizens for protecting themselves — the situation is already post the flashpoint. It’s just that the Proud Boys are saying, “Enough is enough! If the government refuses to do its job, we will.” Regrettably, Revolution is the last thing that will be good for America. So many innocent people hurt. But Revolution is what we’ve got. It’s time we see it as it is and act (wisely) accordingly.
  2. Back in town. Will be catching up on work this week (and a little “soft quarantine” just to make sure), so what’s your next week look like?
  3. I haven’t read it yet, but given the topic and author, it seems to me to be a manual for US military assigned to infiltrate a history are and build a resistance team. Something like GI’s going into WWII France and setting up French Resistance units. Thanks for the heads-up. 😊
  4. I’m in Sidney, too. I’m out of town for a week, but let’s connect when I get back. Is there an active team, or are we working to get one kicked off?
  5. In addition to the above, we also do not have a George Soros funding our gadgets and paying a living wage to college potheads to smash windows and burn stores. If we had a “sugar daddy” to step in on our side, I’ll bet we’d get a good showing, too. But the biggest thing is that Conservatives have been told for decades that good people are nice people. Good people don’t shout, call names, offend anyone or stand up for what they believe. Good people don’t cary guns. So, conservatives say, “I want to be a good little sheeple (I mean, people). So I’ll stay home, stay quiet, not rock the boat and keep my gun in the closet.” After all, what could be worse than a Leftist thinking you’re a bad person??? 😏😏😏 Check this out...
  6. The above didn’t work for me either. Found this one: http://www.survivorlibrary.com/library/how-to-start-and-train-a-militia-unit-pm-94-1.pdf how-to-start-and-train-a-militia-unit-pm-94-1.pdf
  7. I think it will be a war either way. But it would be better to have succession with clear battle lines and defined combatants than chaos in the streets. At least, the weak and helpless will be in a better position in the former option. Neither are good, but we're about to the point where no good options remain.
  8. I'm looking to work with guys in Western Nebraska. Where are you located?
  9. I agree with paragraph #1. So that is an essential part of step one. I agree with most of paragraph #2. The only part I have some issue with is the idea of banning lobbying. For the first part, it hits against freedom of speech and freedom to petition for redress of grievances. For the second part, lobbying can't, in practice, be banned. Countries all over the world ban lobbying, but it merely goes under the table. Laws to that effect merely become a tool to use against those who would want to exercise their lawful voice. I think transparency is a better way to go (and not government-mandated transparency, but transparency generated by watchdogs like us). Other than that, taking the money incentive away, I agree that would dramatically alter the tenor of American politics...
  10. The American Revolution changed the world, but you might be surprised to learn this about the Revolution. View on Youtube.
  11. That's exactly right. If the officials in the government will not respect the highest law in the land, they will not respect any law in the land. The objektive, then, is to oust the Demsheviks and to replace them with Amerikans (I mean, Americans...). If leaders lack character, they will not lead with courage. I guess it's time to step up!
  12. At present, I don't think it is a good idea. With half of the country fully in the hands of Marxist propagandists, and with the Federal Government essentially ignoring the entire Constitution for all practical purposes, I think we have more foundational work to take care of before we open the door to tinkering with the engine of the Republic. I think we would go a long way in the right direction when we are able to install elected officials that respect the law and their duties, and when we can cut past the propaganda to help Americans see what's real.
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