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  1. Good Morning all, from here in Eagle River.
  2. Shaman


  3. Hello to all, I hope this finds everyone well. I am from the Eagle River WI area along with my wife we are both of course concerned of the current state of the world, our country and our state. Just so there is no misunderstandings, first while we do watch political happenings we are not politically driven by any means, we both see that Constitutional Rights are being stripped day after day in this country. Race and the color of someone's skin does not matter to either of us nor does anyone's religious preference. As I am transgender and we are part of the LGBT community that has no bearing on how we deal with people either. We both have strong convictions that we all were created equally and that every individual has a skill set that they can contribute to a group even if some are not aware of their skills. As far as back round I served in the US Army in the Armored Calvary, I have been a believer in prepping and of course like so many others have gotten more serious about it as this year has progressed. I was in transportation on and off for the past 30 years, while doing this I was also a certified diesel technician, I am currently self employed with my own wood shop. I do as well have first aid training, CPR and courtesy of the Army NBC training. I have been teaching my wife to shoot, survival techniques and to also instill in her a sense of security of our home and person. My wife has been life long involved with animal care. So why the next thing is why? From my view of the world and what I see happening is a matter of time before the country implodes, an invasion happens or we reach a point of chaos in our society. While i do not believe in overthrowing the government I would like to see change happen. The other reason is that we know we can survive by simply "melting into the woods" but that will not help us at all if the SHTF, there is a certain strength in numbers and a confidence in being part of a team.

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