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  1. Just my oponion. There a small group compared to the white militias and since there platform seems to be more yelling racial bullshit while rocking poorly built ar builds with and Im not kidding one dude had a scope on backwords. Just based on a lil research Id say 15 to 20 well trained men could defend against the group like the one that marched on the KKK headquarters but not a expert. Its messed up when you can apparently tear citys apart, rob businesses and destroy neighborhoods while the citys mayors say its ok. Nothing worse though then the white 20 something dipshits with there phone screaming at cops about something that has nothing to do with them. I will not teach my kids thats ok. I was going thru Indy headed to michigan when one of the protests was going on and It bordered on dangerous. I think you should be judged on what kind of a man you are not the color of your skin but they take that shit to far. Tear down statues, attack law enforcement and expect me to feel guilty for my skin color? When its made about the color of my skin then well we can go that way too..
  2. Any thoughts on the Veterans statues being destroyed throughout Indiana? Enrages me.


  3. Def Interested. 812 area full time dad homeschooling kids so have time to help and do whatever I can to help or host training survivial or weapons readyment.
  4. Same here married 2 boys gun tinkerer and purveyer of freedom. I would go. I went to the BLM protest in Bloomington alone. Went to see for myself what was going on. I was a lil worried but had 17 in the conceal but was unessecary. A bunch of white leftists was what I saw. Was wondering why there were 11 black people and 100 whites. But i digress......
  5. I grew up in Alaska mat su valley area. Hunter reloader builder tinkerer. Currently teaching 6 and 7 year old to run a trap line.
  6. Builder of boomsticks alaskan survivalist moved to Indiana. Medical training abound. 


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  7. Cam Abides

    Cam Abides

  8. Hello fellow American's! Southern Indiana bloomington area here wanting to get involved. Anything I can do to help.

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