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  1. Yea that's kind of the direction i'm trying to swing it.. That if Militias want to participate in the AMC, it will help them keep in communication, maintain training records, provide training, and be the catalyst that all the participating groups go through for decisions and actions, kind of like a small UN. The only catch would be the Militias would have to agree to support and uphold the mutually agreed upon rules that all the Militias vote on. To say if a Militia unit goes rogue, the AMC or Multipule Militias that agreed to work together, should either ignore the rogue Militia or eliminate it. That's the biggest issue. ANd I don't feel it should be private or secured until it is actually functional, In which case the safest method of communication would be services like SnapChat, Kik, and maybe Discord, SNapCHat and Kik are the hardest social media communication companies to get warrants for as a law enforcement concern. And they have self destructing messages that are peer to peer. Discord is the new Fad, however the messages can be self destructing as well as voice channels, but much about it is unknown, which could be a good thing,
  2. a video of the BLM protesters stating they want to spread further and abolish the United States.
  3. In the attachment is a PDF file that is a preview of what I am currently working on, I took bits and pieces from other contributors on My Militia to make the formation of the document. Basically, a unification of all Militias who wish to participate, those who do, will have access to joint training materials, and will make the policies and guides for all participating groups in the form of joint proposals and resolutions, much like a senate. The AMC will be responsible for maintain training records and Militia Men rating information. The AMC will also aid in maintaining communication between the groups and will act as a Administrative support command and not a physical command over what the Militias can and cant do, all militias who join will still be there own entity, AMC will just offer admin support and give the participating groups the ability to coordinate together in a SHTF event, and maintain the same or similar level of training and methods of record maintenance. Attached : amc preview.pdf
  4. Hello all, I am currently working on a project, I am still between the title Alabama Brigade, or Alabama Militia Command. About: The project will set up a State Wide for Alabama, command structure. All Militias who decide to take part in the group will be designated as there own self entity and all Militias who join will have there own voting rights and proposal rights. Basically it will be a Command structure that will maintain records of training, certifications, and guidelines for all Militias. It will also help establish and maintain communication between Militias, including providing training from persons who are certified on the task they instruct and help maintain training courses developed by Militias to aid in everyone being trained to the same level and maintain the same basic knowledge. The objective will be to have all sovereign and separate Militia groups work, train, and be cohesive together while maintaining contact should a SHTF incident occur where the state government is unable to maintain civil order, is overthrown, or is at war, in the support of a State Government which abides by the State Constitution. Take the TV show, Jericho for instance. It will be about another 2 weeks before i'm complete with he basic frame work.
  5. I am currently working on a PDF file that will break-down everything to Legal considerations ( i'm a cop so I can't be apart of a group against the us gov.), Command Structure, ranks, material to train on, high value targets to secure ( hospitals, police stations, military armories, schools, warehouses, stores, etc.) in the event the government shuts down such as in the CHOP/CHAZ thing that went on for a while and what is still happening in Portland. For continuity of self governance in support and aid of the legitimate Alabama / Federal Government in accordance with the US and State Constitution. And of course integrating current Militias as different Companies with-in the hierarchy so that all Militia Leaders must decide on actions for the state wide militia action.
  6. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim

  7. Sounds like you have a better set-up than most already !
  8. @ Rev.E. , training and format listed is excellent for establishing a in depth but basic format to promotions, leadership roles, and requirements for tasks as well as the weapon qualifications having a system of maintain certifications. Love it! @ Skillet , well thought out training categories for members to undertake for different levels of tasks, expands in a way onto what Rev E has listed as far as, training that members should undergo but more in depth as to tasks needed to complete. However it is a little much weighted on the pure military side of things as far as SITREP, SPOTREP, MEDEVAC, and a few of the other heavily military items, and here is why. My time in the National Guard, we had to take classes and courses on all the military jargon, reports, forms, combat tactics, weapon maintenance, etc. And no one remembers half of them, this is why they gave out laminated cards with the info on it for the vehicle commanders and team leaders to refer to. It is an excellent training guide but it needs to be scaled down to items that perspective militia members, that have never seen that stuff can train and review it once or twice a month and be semi proficient on it. Not say to completely remove the SITREP and SPOTREP reports, but choose one and go with it. The military has over complicated a lot of things. dont bring that complexity to people looking to join a group where they review and train a day or evening a month and try to cram it. Also don't forget foraging and gardening, in a SHTF scenario your going to want to know how to garden and make vegetables, as well as skin and raise animals like the indians and colonists did. @ Vincenzo , your formula is simple, easy and effective. a mix of that formula design with the administrative ability of an identifier like Rev. E has in his and you have (example) "12B" = Basic level of acceptable fitness, decent marksmanship ability, and qualified with 7.62 x 39 ( which will be common with 5.56 as well) By combining all the qualification categories together, and now you have a individual identifier which can be easily used to asses someones skill and ability. Mixed with your tasks formula, you can identify who can perform what missions and tasks. 0XX Unfit for front line combat - due to age (45+) or physical disability. but, has metall other Level 1 and 2 requirements. This person is a support role1XX Minimum physical fitness level - 2 mile Field march w/Level 1 gear in 30 minutes.2XX Moderate physical fitness level - 3 miles field march w/Level 2 in 40 minutes.3XX Excellent physical fitness level - 5 mile field march w Level 2 (72 hour) gear in 2 hours. -X1X Basic Marksman - “Recruit” score on Marksmanship Qualification TestX2X Advanced Marksman - “Sharpshooter” score on Marksmanship Qualification TestX3X Expert Marksman - “Expert” score on Marksmanship Qualification TestX4X Designated Marksman (Sniper) - “Expert” score and meets DMR scoring on the -XXA Qualified with 5.56XXB " " 7.62x.39XXC " " 7.62x.51 (308) Vincenzo, a mix of your idea with Rev E admin category system, could make the identifier " recorded competency" your looking for.
  9. I personally feel as though pulling from not just the US but also tactics and organization from WW2 would be beneficial. Here is a file I made for a video game I used to play, for small arms and basic tactics training. Never finished it, but I may now that i'm on here. I enjoy making files and forms but one of the issues I see with this website is all the groups may try to do things separate and hoard info, then there is also the issue of if something major happens, realistically the groups / militias would be fighting each other initially depending on leadership and ROE in a real life situation. Also in the 256 Militia there is like one person communicating with me, and no other information listed in the Militias page.. not sure where the info is, as I was told it is on the page.. any who. Advanced Rifleman Training 29th ID by PVT.Simmons.pdf
  10. @ Rev.E. That is a highly well organization structure! , Out of curiosity would the training be based on Military field manuals, or self developed training curriculum made by persons familiar on the topics?
  11. Thanks for the info! , good to know there is a active group out there . I'll add it shortly.
  12. So there are two parts which loosely regulate the creation of a Militia to a single State. First : The second amendment states, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." which is interpreted as a state level, which is why states have a national guard, and like Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi have a State Militia separate from any actual federal military (national guard or US army) and only runs on a state level. The Second part, The federal government has jurisdiction over interstate commerce, anything that crosses state lines. Which is why cities can federally prosecute someone in a robbery if they use a weapon produced in another state then where the crime occured. If a militia is in more than one state, and transfers material between the two separate commands, technically the government then has jurisdiction to prosecute and can deem the group/militia a terrorist organization. https://constitutioncenter.org/interactiv. https://www.google.com/search?
  13. Organization Proposal This website seems to be excellent for organization, planning and communication, however lets face it, majority of people utilize Facebook for daily instant communication which could be tied to this website group as well. For quicker communication with members. Training and Evaluation I observed a topic covered by someone in the general forum regarding setting up a training standard and certification tracking system to maintain training and abilities of group members, in short to ensure persons are knowledgeable and someone who knows nothing is not placed in a team management position should the group need to activate its self. Meetings and Training We will need to organize, Range days, field training, pdf files of tactics and survival information to be gone over in a video chat format like "ZOOM". etc. to maintain competency and functioning leadership of course in a military themed manner with informed democracy based voting on group issues and proposals. Limitation of Expansion Constitutional Militias are limited within a states boundaries for legal purposes. If a militia operates outside it's state in a organizational effort of expansion into another state then it is unconstitutional, this of course excludes working in partnership with another states militia ONLY if we maintain our own operational capacity in a joint effort with them. The Alabama National Guard is legal because it operates only in the state of Alabama, and only operates in the US or in a federal capacity outside of state jurisdiction when the federal government requests it to. This is why most militia groups are by law considered terrorists organizations, they spread over several states OR have (zones) in several states under leadership of a single state. This is considered to rival the federal government. It's a NO NO. Disclaimer I did not originate this group, and do not want to start a inter group rivalry with my opinions on how the group should operate or be maintained, therefore this post is up for group debate and discussion. These are just the main points I can think of at the moment to review and go over.
  14. Do you mean generating assessments or copying assessments that one of the Military branches or Law Enforcement Agencies uses to determine tactical or operational competencies of members and keep track of them for all militias in a state, to maintain a sense of organization and leadership including training for the members. In case of activation or for teams to be assembled in the event of loss of personnel?

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