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  1.      Time To Saddle Up. Since the Tea Party is not a political action committee (PAC), we are not tied to the election cycle.  This allows us to keep chugging along—growing stronger with each current crisis.  I won’t describe/detail any specific projects we have under way so as not to tip off the bad guys. (Well, maybe one. It’s called cop club.)

         But I can get specific about this one project because it concerns you, the Militia.  The Tea Party and the Militia need to Think Bigger Together.  This may require a mental stretch on the part of many of you.  Why?  Because it’s human nature NOT to want to do something until you have to.  It’s human nature (and physics) to keep on rolling along with the status quo: the survivalists will continue to be survivalists, the shooting/re-loading enthusiasts will continue to shoot and re-load, etc.

         Most militia mean well when they talk about patriotism and protecting and defending but in reality, are too small and isolated to do anything but gripe.  (See my post on this site, “Don’t be just a bunch of guys with guns.”)

         The Tea Party has to be protective of its legal/tax status as a 501(c)4.  To do this we form a front/umbrella group, say, the Committee for Public Concern. (Google Committees of Safety, 1774) Under this umbrella group we combine the various local Tea Parties, our separate projects (cop club), and all the militias who volunteer to join us.  This gives us money (the Tea Party’s budget), administrative experience (the Board), communications (signal app), and, with the addition of the volunteer militias, a controlled/regulated militia. 

         What you, the militia, need to do.

         Pick someone from your group to represent you.  Contact me directly at [email protected]   (Or, to the Admin of “mymilitia.com”, could you set up a place here, where we can have a virtual assembly?)  We meet as a virtual assembly, where you the various militias create the organization, the hierarchy, that can turn the little militias into The Militia. A member of the Tea Party or its Board can act as umpire and admin to keep things moving. By its very nature it will have to be exploratory—a work in progress.  But if the patriots could do it back in the 1776 days, we can do it now.  It may require some sacrifices on the part of some militias, as not everybody can be The General.  But if we can come up with a plan, then we can franchise it out to the other Tea Parties and other militias across the country.  Once a Militia is formed, it can pick someone to represent it and report to the Tea Party Board.

         At the time of this writing, the election is still up in the air.  If Trump loses, I firmly believe that the day of the vote is over.  Why?  Because the Dems cheated so much in this election that they will have to continue to cheat in future elections preserve their ill-gotten gains.  They can’t afford NOT to cheat.  Be aware that any Militia activity on behalf of the Tea Party will have to be reactive—we can’t have guys going off half-cocked. That’s where the “regulated” part comes in.  Any Militia formed under this plan will have to give consideration to the Tea Party Board.  But, that’s part of the American tradition to have the military in service to the civil authority.

         I’m open to all kinds of suggestions, but save the negativity for someplace else.  I can think of ten reasons why this might not work, but we only need to find the one right reason to pull it off.  Think Bigger Together.

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