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  1. To respond to the original poster's question: You need not look any further than the rioting and "protesting" that is taking place now. Why support Trump over Hillary? Because Hillary's supporters are sores on the ass of America. They're the generation where there were either no parents at all, or their parents were their best friends. They're the ones that thought they were special because they got a participation trophy. They're the ones who have so much misplaced intellectual confidence that they believe the biggest issue to be "bullying" or racism or sexism, while not really understanding what any of those words mean. Or, completely understanding what they mean but without the sense to realize that the biggest perpetrators of such things are easily themselves. These people are not victims of some evil white majority. They are the victims of their own stupidity. These self-righteous morons actually believe themselves to be morally and intellectually better than the majority of the rest of the country. And yet, look at the fruits of their righteousness (see attachment).
  2. It's important that those who took part in making this change continue to participate as they did last night. The other side is not going to go quietly, and frankly we need to make sure we all do our part to help keep the new President honest. All in all, it was a good win for liberty last night. But Hillary's loss is not enough in my opinion. This country needs an example to be made of her that we will not tolerate corruption.
  3. Democrats and Neocons are basically the same in my book. Call them whatever you want - Conservatives, Republicans, Liberals, Democrats, Neocons - they're all the same. This bipartisan system we supposedly have is nothing more than a theatrical production. We can hire new actors every 2 to 4 years and change nothing, because the real government operates behind the curtains with men like George Soros directing. My own personal recommendation would be to lock them all in and burn down the entire theater (see Inglorious Basterds). But that's just me.
  4. Don't get me started on the whole e-mail debacle. The bigger issue is how a large percentage of people in this country are quicker to get angry at Russia (who I'm not convinced at all was behind the hack or the leak) for exposing the truth than they are to get angry at the truth itself. Those leaked e-mails give a very clear insight into how this country is being run from a vantage point behind the scenes, and it is disturbing. But forget all that, how dare the Russians interfere with our elections by exposing our own corruption. The longer these people remain asleep, the more severe the impending wake-up call will be.
  5. Forgive my ignorance as I'm new here, but isn't the fact that we have laws impeding like minds to organize and train the definition of tyranny? At the risk of sounding like an anarchist, the law only creates more outlaws. The powers that be in this country have intentionally passed laws that make it difficult for localized militias to organize in any meaningful way so that when the time comes to overthrow those criminals they maintain the advantage. It's my personal opinion that when the laws directly contradict the Constitution, then those laws are illegitimate regardless of the court that upholds them. The laws are corrupt, and the courts that uphold them are equally corrupt. The U.S. Constitution cites a "well regulated militia" being necessary to the security of a free state. The term "regulated" means well-trained and prepared. It doesn't mean regulated by law as we tend to use the term today. I realize that many of those here come from a law enforcement or military background, but surely at some point you have to realize that this country has no hope of being restored without breaking some of the current laws. Stay within the law where possible, but where not possible, go underground.
  6. Hello. I don't have any background in law enforcement or military, but I am an expert in the field of IT security and computer programming. I'm looking forward to sharing some ideas and learning from the rest of you. If I can be of assistance in any way just let me know. -Ghost
  7. I'm new here, but to put in my 2 cents, there is no perfect candidate. Trump has some flaws, but there's not anyone on the planet that doesn't. Trump is the outsider. You can see this by the way both parties and the media attack him. You don't attract that kind of hostility by falling in line and doing what you're told. They know he'll shake things up, and a little shake-up is exactly what this country needs right now. As far as Clinton goes, I don't believe a single word that comes out of her mouth and I firmly believe that anyone who does is either a willful idiot or possibly mentally retarded. She's been in politics for 30 years and I cannot think of one single accomplishment she's made. And by the way, when I say "accomplishment" I don't count anything she's done in direct violation of the Constitution. In the time she's been an active politician, we've become less free, less prosperous, and less secure as a nation. She's part of the problem, and you cannot count on someone who has perpetuated the problem to suddenly become the solution. If Trump wins, our problems are not solved but I think he'll buy us some time. If Hillary wins, you better be ready for life in America to go to shit faster than ever before. And this whole issue of "personality" that people like to bring up... So what if Trump's an asshole? He's an equal opportunity asshole. Clinton's just a privileged elitist bitch. If you ask me who's more likely to get shit done, I'll take the asshole. Every time.
  8. Currently researching mesh networks using Ham radio.

    1. Mark Moore

      Mark Moore

      Hopefully we are not hit with an EMP, which in my opinion would be the weapon of choice of an aggressor. We would have limited ham radio capability, due to the lack of people preparing themselves for our electric grid going down. I pray it doesn't happen, but it would not destroy structures and would not render the land unusable

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