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  1. My choice in weapons are those I can carry easily but get the job done. My rifle is my buddy and my side arms are their friends
  2. I am all set. These terrorist groups need to be put in their places. Enough is enough. I signed an oath to protect and defend and I meant it. I am training my children in the art of self defense. We can not do this alone. IT IS TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK

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    2. ffirestarter27


      Next time you are gonna come down let me know. 


    3. ffirestarter27


      Cant wait I have a few that may join this as well just gotta see how it goes

    4. 20thRegiment


      Hey guys checking in

      Our corrupt government needs to be stopped. Period

      abuse on our dime, tired of it . Both sides are corrupt 

      what ever it takes I’m ready 

      let’s get a game plan , set up some radio communication in case grid goes down in the future. 
      We need to come together,
      we all have cell phones which hold the center of town in our palms. we will need to take action soon.
      Open to all suggestions 

      Freedom 🇺🇸

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