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  1. Personally I like the distilling concept. It's the easiest and most practical, though I see Hydrogen as the future. Steam engines are practical for larger machinery, and yes you can make a car that runs on steam but it's not the most practical design for SHTF and steam engines also had a nasty habit of blowing up if you did not keep first class maintenance on them.
  2. HAM radio with a little tinkering could easily carry Internet traffic as well as voice coms. You also need encryption. Having long distance coms isn't much help if it's not encrypted. The enemy can listen in and know everything you know if you are using unencrypted or poorly encrypted coms. HAM sets, both static as relays and portable (hand held) is however a very viable means of coms and will function in most SHTF scenarios. EMP would however for a time make even HAM difficult or unusable.
  3. Forum software by default creates levels to differentiate posting activity. These are customized when the forum software is installed. For example the bottom rung (Cannon fodder here) is often labeled "noob" to distinguish them as a newer member who hasn't posted very often yet or "Lurker" to denote new members and older members who do not post or participate often. Mine should say cannon fodder as well since I forgot I was a member here and haven't logged on in a bit. As you post more often that title will change with the accumulation of posts.
  4. Actually it's quite easy to shut down DNS, without DNS you pretty well shut down coms through the internet. The Feds have already made such a shut down of DNS part of their "emergency" internet plans. Hackers could and would also do so in the event of a Red Dawn kind of situation. If the infrastructure remains functional, it's possible to go around DNS. Though it requires a little technical know how. One flaw I see with the plans mentioned above is cell phones don't have a static IP. Kill DNS they become unpingable through TCP/IP. The cell phone companies can use GPS/tower location, and it might be possible to write an app that digs into the phone's internals and do something similar. Whole lot easier on a PC where a MAC address could be used to link a machine in with a login. Cell phones could then be hung off these hops. Atypical TCP/IP connections could then be used assuming the server is Linux or another *nix variant. Thus we become our own hops and long as the infrastructure remains we have viable coms. There's a bit more to this than I can post in a forum such as this. It's a pain in the butt to get set up due to security considerations but well worth the effort. Now is a particularly good time to do so due to the current political climate.
  5. Any chance that the .300 Blackout or 6.5 can be had at same price?
  6. Well written document that gives a very high level overview of the militia movement. I did an answer on Quora a few months back when somebody asked about what a Militia group is and raised many of the same points. The thing is people only see the guns. A militia unit of course is armed, the primary responsibility of a militia is the defense of community, state and then nation in that order. So an unarmed militia is an oxymoron. Militias however serve as guards and gatekeepers in many other ways. As an auxiliary to the National guard in time of crisis, as a ready made rapid response unit to civil unrest or other conditions which see the fragile facade of civilization threatened. Militias may also serve as pro-social forces raising funds and awareness for causes. Typically veteran causes but not necessarily so. Militias serve as a community anchor point. We may have our disagreements but in serving together to protect our community even if we are never called upon to enact that service, there is a certain spirit of community camaraderie promoted the emphasizes our commonalities over our differences. A peace of mind knowing that if all hell breaks loose there is still somebody able to rise up and meet that challenge.
  7. Hi Adam. I'm new here also. Good to meet you.
  8. Hi Adam. I'm new here also. Good to meet you.
  9. The people willing to defend this nation and it's values are generally either already in the military or working long hours to come home to a family they can barely support. They wake up, go to work, come home, sleep and go back to work. The people who will stand with us in a pinch simply don't have time and have much to lose if the nation comes apart. So we don't hear much from them. Those of us with the time to do so must speak for them. Those of us who have less to lose must stand up for them. When it happens some of them will have our backs. Enough to make it count. We have to have faith in our people as much as we have in our way of life.
  10. HI guys, I'm here. I probably know a few folks here. If not look forward to meeting everybody. I'm relatively new to militia. The interest has been there but a lack of units in my area (Lubbock Tx) has limited my ability to participate. So I've formed my own and am slowly building a Mechanized Infantry/Calvary unit and building ties with other groups who may serve if there is ever a need for us. In my region it's wide open plains, extremely vulnerable to air power and armor. As such anything but mechanized & Calvary makes no sense. Resources I bring to the table are as a writer, musician, psychologist and IT geek (server stuff, no I cannot help you with Windows desktop issues, I don't do Windows. In fact no one here should have a Windows machine. They have built in back doors, are insecure in core design and Microsoft has a long history of cooperation with governments.), I'd be glad to help out any group in these capacities as long as it is not a Muslim group or a race supremacist group. I am a biker, so any fellow Texas bikers give me a shout. Maybe we can meet up at a rally we are both going too. I am also a reloader, but you'd have to be local for me to help in that or willing to come visit for a couple days. Can't generate loads for a weapon unless I can test fire them. I take care and pride in my loads and I'm responsible for them. So I will not let anybody else fire pressure test loads. Nor do I want to worry about your firearm. So we'd meet at a range and fire them off and you take the gun home. Accuracy tests that's up to you to fire. What might be an extremely accurate load for me might not be for you because my bad habits are probably different from yours It takes a lot of round sometimes to narrow down 2 or 3 really accurate loads. You want more than one. Various powders and bullets may not be available at a given time so you want back up loads. Sometimes you can hit a load that just sings to you after only a 100 rounds. How much recoil is comfortable for you is another factor. I don't have dies or powders for 9mm or .223 and no real interest in loading those calibers. I'm not real big on reloading 7.62x39 either, it's not really worth it generally but I do have dies & powders for that caliber. I have dies & powder for most normal loads. Lack dies for 300 mag, 7mm, 10mm & .338 however. I don't have a press that can handle 50 BMG. You'll need to provide brass and bullets & cover costs of powder. Once you have a load your happy with you can take that load to almost any reloader that you trust and duplicate it. I don't reload for money. I have a single stage press, it'd take me forever to do bulk orders lol. I don't trust multistage presses and hand weigh EVERY charge. It's really important that the OAL is the same on a load. That would be the biggest potential complication. It doesn't take much of a difference in trimming to change pressure. Different pressure is going to change how that round fires and impact accuracy. If the load is near max pressure it could also introduce a potentially dangerous situation. The reason you'd want to do this is that every gun likes different loads. Factory ammo is built for every gun, not your gun. You can improve accuracy and almost always have increased velocity from custom loads and generally pay 30% less or more per round depending on the caliber. I'd be happy to give reloading tips and I'm sure there are lots of reloaders here who'd also be happy to help you get started in reloading. If done with care it is fun to do, greatly improves your shooting and saves you money as well as being perfectly safe as long as you follow basic precautions. Get sloppy and it WILL bite you. So even if you don't reload yourself, you can find a reloader like me, work out your best load and take it to a bulk loader. Most are happy to do custom loads. Especially if you supply the brass. You can find them at almost any gun show or reloading groups & forums. Or just talk to folks at the range. They often know a good reloader they can recommend. My facebook profile is https://www.facebook.com/Draciron feel free to add me as a friend. I am Draciron on Google+ and MeWe feel free to add me on those sites as well. Looking forward to getting to know everybody here.

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