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  1. Not like you can open carry a long gun in MA unless your hunting. Nobody is bringing a long gun to state house in ma d16b2a95-a98d-4203-9615-963c46b668a5.mp4
  2. Not like you can open carry a long gun in MA unless hunting. You can open carry your pistol with a class A but if you are within 1,000 ft of a school you're losing your gun and LTC. I'll stick with concealed carry at a protest.
  3. I'm in contact in the zello app with USMC and I know Burt personally. Email me and I'll give you my info. [email protected]
  4. Did you get all my contact info for your meeting over the weekend
  5. Censorship everywhere. I'm banned from FB. Discord disabled and I sign on here only to find I can't post because I had a warning for posting the discord link in 3 threads.
  6. Crazy! We talked about nothing illegal. Maybe it was the photos of guns.
  7. Anyone in my group who had discord disabled today email me. [email protected]

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