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  1. Chef for 30+ years and strong leader in my field. Im a proud patriot sick and tired of the destruction and division pushed upon us. I am at the ready to stand up and protect/support the great patriots of America. God Bless USA! 

    Basic fire fighting skills

    Basic first aid/CPR

    Basic pistol & carbine  training. 

  2. I'm ready! just name time and place, ill drop everything.
  3. I feel you brother! Sick of these traitors destroying our great country!
  4. Hi, is your brother still looking? 

  5. I'm in Chapel Hill, my family are in Hickory, I know my brother would love to meet up with like minded people. You know and Hambys there?
  6. I'm in. Got a lot of free time on my hands at the moment, just got laid off due to the covid BS. In Chapel Hill, ill be qaiting to hear back. Godspeed patriot!
  7. I couldnt agree more, hard to find patriot groups ready stand and defend. Unless I'm not looking hard enough.
  8. Definitely. I missed your message somehow, just noticed or I would have gotten back sooner.
  9. I want to be active, located in Chapel Hill, NC. willing to travel. Just joined a group "American Contingency" looks like it could be very helpful for networking and they place training videos. Sounds like there will be physical training as well. I too am looking to link up with other like minded folks ready to stand and defend our constitution, neighbors and this great state.
  10. Hello all, I live in the Chapel Hill area and am looking to join up with others that are prepared to defend the Constitution, our neighbors, neighborhoods and this great state.

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