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  1. And I just did neither. I understand it's hard, and I'm not saying anyone here isn't a Patriot. I just don't believe it's over yet. Is it about hope? Maybe. I think it's logical to get all the information, and that is going coming out at a rate of knots right now. I need more information and will reevaluate on the 21st as needed.
  2. Really? "wait 9 more days" and "yes the military are moving and they're on our side" is "complete idiocy", "false hope", and "evil". Wow, get a grip, dude. And kindly do not put words in my mouth, I'm not claiming any kind of authority. I have given my opinions and cited my reasoning why I think what I do. That's it.
  3. Just calm your tits and see what happens on the 19th. If it all fails, then we have to go into civil war or live a life that's even more enslaved than now, and they will round up and murder everybody who speaks against them CCP style. But there's very obviously a military operation in full swing right now, and I think they have it under control. Until then, Trump is still my president until the 20th and I will not surrender, I will not whine, I will not doubt. I've picked my path and I'm walking my talk. If that's 'madness', to you, so be it.
  4. Oh it's way worse than that. But yes. Did you see this one yet? CCP buying up farms and ranches? https://rumble.com/vckbmz-chinese-buying-up-american-farms-and-building-milbase-in-jamaica.html There's a hell of a lot of work to fix all this. Starting with this and bring back the 1000s of companies that moved production to China, Mexico and India.
  5. Show me yours I'll show you mine? Ok. This is public knowledge. Incorrect. It was categorized as a deep clean for covid
  6. Keep who out? Is there a large mass of Patriots trying to get in I didn't hear of? I'm certain the MSM would have a field day with that if it was the case... sauce? I posted about these yesterday - they're the good guys, the military has confirmed they are loyal: also yesterday... Defense Officials Confirm Trump Is Still Commander in Chief, Refuse to Participate in Military Coup to Oust Him https://www.westernjournal.com/defense-officials-confirm-trump-still-commander-chief-refuse-participate-military-coup-oust/
  7. More - this explains the POTUS order to disperse on Jan 6 after the seige: it possibly acted to fulfill a requirement before invoking the Insurrection Act https://speakingaboutnews.com/insurrection-act-being-signed/
  8. Word of mouth from the military sources of these people: 1) About 1:50... again at 3:50... 2) Jan 10th Update - didn't check how far in... https://www.bitchute.com/video/vzheebPuCGU/
  9. 1) Monkeywerx latest SITREP - yt 2) Separately, Simon Parkes on Bitchute From Patriots group on clouthub: (where many of the politicos are going from Parler. this and Gab) https://clthb.co/ghDvGqm4j4vnGdFD6
  10. Yes you are. 1) Charlie already answered this is the video you said you watched. You are now wasting my time and derailing a thread on bullshit. I won't be responding to you further. 2) Are you quite sure you know how to use the Internet? What part of "our media is 90% propaganda, shills and clowns have infiltrated everything and you have to make up your own mind" did you not get? Translation: "Controlled opposition"= clowns and shills. See the tactics threads on how to spot them. I'm STILL not going to do your homework for you, I'm not your guru and I don't ask you to believe
  11. That's awesome thanks! I checked and it is archived at archive.fo, will share.
  12. Really, so how did you go from "the white hats weren't outmatched": to: "I don't know what to believe... my gut tells me [they] are sensationalists and possible controlled opposition" ...in your next post in this thread? Get info first, speak later when I think I know what's happening. Which you clearly don't. You're just flopping about doubtfagging. "Patriots stand at the ready, doubtfags whine" - anon. At this point your behavior says shill. Pull your socks up and offer solutions rather than bitching. Join a militia, get your range practi
  13. You're either a shill as I warned about in the tactic threads, or you haven't done your research. The insurrection act has been signed, there are thousands of military on the ground in DC right now. Arrests and military targets have been being taken out since 1016. You wouldn't know any of this is you follow the MSM, which is 90% owned by 6 Soros-controlled orgs. Stop watching MSM, it's irrelevant. Everything has come to pass. No it's not a smooth road, it's complicated and hard to follow. I can't do your homework for you - "there's none so blind as those who will not see". If

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