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    Who are we? We are farmers, firefighters, EMTs, and factory workers. We are lawyers, we are police officers. We are men, we are women. We are American Patriots. We are the III% Defense Militia. If you are looking for an active, professional, disciplined group of patriots, we want to speak with you.

    What we do:
    Assist Local Authorities in Constitutionally Sound Peacekeeping Operations.
    Assist in disasters, both man made and natural.
    Conduct routine training to prepare our members for any eventuality.
    Gather strong, workable intel that can be acted upon by our members.

    What we do NOT do:
    Advocate for “the Boogaloo".
    Accept anything less than your absolute personal best.
    Complain about the state of our country. 
    Contemplate or entertain fake news or conspiracy theories.

    So if this interests you, follow the link below to join our recruiting page. 



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