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  1. Tier1Citizen It’s not a tantrum rant. I made a statement towards the post where some folks are wondering why there’s no heavy militia action. I guess you’ve taken it to heart or are upset by it. Whatever. I guess you’re motivated now huh or still troubled, either way I don’t give AF.
  2. I have thought about getting involved with others and finally decided not to. My reasons are mine and they stem from staying away from wannabes, racists and extremists. I also don’t want to deal with undisciplined civilians. I hope anyone that reads this knows that I don’t mean to insult anyone over it. I feel better as a lone wolf only accountable for my own life. I served 22 years in the Marine Corps and still have my combat mindset. I enjoy others with like minds and agree that a team wins the big game, however I have disabilities and limitations that keep me from going full blast with the motivators. The military offers heavy training that a person is submerged in. They are constantly together with minimal breaks from each other. Putting seasoned veterans with untrained civilians every other weekend doesn’t work for me. Agree or disagree with me, this is my opinion.
  3. Happy New Year from Eastern North Carolina. I think this year will be the deciding factor of life or death of our Constitution. In 1999 the scare was Y2K and how shit was going to hit the fan. Nothing happened like we thought it would. Obama said straight out that he was going to take the U.S. down many notches as a super power, nobody did a damn thing to stop him. We heard so much about hell breaking loose in 2012. Again nothing happened. This is the end of our nation as it was. They’ve been stripping away our rights over and over and again nobody gives a damn. It’s coming for real this time and we’re going to have to be prepared. I thought I was, but now I question me preparation. If you haven’t seen the videos on YouTube of concentration camps at Walmart, UN forces assisting and stacks of body boxes in the middle of nowhere, you need to. Good luck out there.
  4. I own a OKC-3S. It was very expensive but I decided to get it when I bought my Mossberg 590 A1. It fits like a glove. I also own an M2 pocket knife. My father gave it to me from his days in the Army. I own many old knives and have spent time sharpening and cleaning them up. I doubt that my sons will take the time to cherish them like I have.
  5. Eastern North Carolina up.



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  9. Train hard and often. If you’re losing, you’re dying.

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