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    I'm a South Carolinian living in the Old North State. Will fight and fight hard if pushed into a corner. Don't mess with an oldman that fought in a war. You'll be unpleasantly surprised.
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  1. I will not get on my knees and beg for freedom after I fought for it. 

  2. Redlegs

    I need this patch

    Thanks for checking on this for me. I missed out on it. Florence came through and killed Eastern North Carolina.
  3. Redlegs

    I need this patch

    This bearded patch is on my list. If anyone comes across it, please hit me up. The website doesn’t sell them anymore.
  4. Redlegs

    The Gunny

    Gunny 2 months before he passed away. MCAS New River exchange.
  5. Redlegs

    Iraq 2009

  6. Anyone in Eastern NC during Florence? Here on the coast line waiting.

  7. Hold up there. I haven’t been on here like I wanted to. I’m up to defend the Carolinas. Rolling to training at a wim is a bit for some of us. Don’t count me out.
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