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    I'm a South Carolinian living in the Old North State. Will fight and fight hard if pushed into a corner. Don't mess with an oldman that fought in a war. You'll be unpleasantly surprised.
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  2. 11b or 

  3. Take only what you need and leave the rest....... in other words don’t be a douchebag........

  4. Ok I am here in Eastern NC joined watchmen but pretty lame.  What do we have in Onslow, Carteret, Jones, Duplin or Craven Counties available in NC   Can even do Pamlico or Pender or Lenor.  That's every thing within a close drive??  Looking for any thing with people not just e-mails.  I can help make it a better unit 20 years Marine Artillery.  Can lead or Follow just tell me what to do.

    1. Megatron


      The watchmen still exist? 

    2. Sandlapper


      I hear light foot militia has a pretty large footprint.

    3. Redlegs


      Hey Brad. Sorry I missed you back in April. I need to start checking on here more often. My daughter lives out in Swansboro too. She has a tactical mindset and might get involved too. We can get together soon and throw so lead down range or just meet somewhere for coffee and bs a bit. My background in the Corps is mostly airwing. I pulled 22 years in the Corps. I went on a ground billet to Afghanistan as an Advisor. A lot more scenic outside the wire in a combat zone. My world changed on that det. We can talk about that later. I have been to Iraq as well. I’m not a grunt or a wanna-be grunt. My mind is always churning out scenarios and ideas to have a plan to go in and make my way out of places. Had to go through a ton of grunt training to be an advisor. I’m like you said, show me where you need me and I’ll lock down that AO. 

  5. I have been there a time or two. I am originally from Beaufort, SC. It’s pronounced like B U Fort where you guys call it Bo Fort. Either way their both great placed to live and visit. Both on the coast.
  6. It is nice up here. Where I’m from originally is the Lowcountry. I believed when I was younger that sand fleas and no see-m’s were every where. Then I started traveling around and out differently. I’ve been in Eastern NC for almost 20 years. It’s nicer wheather here for me. I look forward to meeting you sooner or later too.
  7. Ok. I’m up here in East Carolina and a Gamecock fan. I’ll pull for ECU if their playing anyone other than the Cocks. The Gamecocks are undefeated against all the NC schools so I blast the locals and say we’re the true Carolina. USC is US Carolina and UNC is UN Carolina. Just saying.
  8. Ok. My son and daughter in law live in Lexington. Are you a Gamecock fan? I am. I was born in Columbia.
  9. Is there anyone around Onslow or Pender Counties?
  10. Redlegs


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  11. Redlegs


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  12. Redlegs



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  13. I’ve had long conversations with fellow defensive natured patriots about the “list”. Everyone that has served in the military, retired and active are on the list. Law enforcement officials retired and active are on the list too. Oath Keepers, NRA, militiaman, preppers and 3%ers have made the cut along with every gun owner. I’m probably on it with 10 Stars next to my name.
  14. You’ve got a good point there too. Lack of parental training, love and guidance throughout the early years of a child’s life could determine a respectful or disrespectful mentality towards adults and laws. That’s not even talking about the mental confusion and personality changes a young person goes through during puberty. It’s like a mansion built on top of a weak foundation. Just my interpretation of the subject.

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