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    Will fight and fight hard if pushed into a corner. Don't mess with an oldman that fought in a war. You'll be unpleasantly surprised.
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  1. Has anyone heard if the truckers are striking yet? Nothing on the news. 

  2. What the Hell happened to our nation? Damn it 

    1. John Last

      John Last

      At the height of the cold war, late 60's/early 70's, we went to sleep at the switch; enjoyed the prosperity of the United States, and trusted the education of our children to a system riddled with liberals and even communists.  Many thought the UN was a great way to save the world (under an international, one government banner).  So we let the UN do this and that, and we signed on to UN Treaties that bound us with regulations that other countries didn't need to comply with.  So we've been at a disadvantage for well over 40 years... all the while (mind you, that's 2 generations) our young people were pumped full of liberal/socialist/Marxist ideas.  It's no wonder half the people hate their own county: want to cancel our history and discard our Constitution in favor of a devastating Green New Deal, and regulations controlling every aspect of our lives.  Think Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union or the People's Republic of China and you'll get the picture; right down to the thought police and labor camps for anyone who dares to speak out.


      I don't know if we'll be able to get our country back again without a real fight, and that means ugly stuff.

  3. I think it's time right now.   Things are gearing up and getting worse

  4. I hope you all are doing well out there. Stay frosty and motivated!!!

  5. I hope all of you are doing well tonight. God Bless.
  6. Redlegs

    Agenda 21.jpg

    I think this is it.
  7. I’m checking in from Eastern North Carolina. I did a chow, aqua and ammo check tonight, all good. I hope you all are good too.
  8. Checking in from Eastern NC. The Corona has not hit us hard, but the mass hysteria has. I’m ready when the herd starts stampeding over TP and milk. Be calm, breathe, think it through, apply a slow and steady squeeze and be accurate. Locked and Cocked......
  9. I’m checking in this morning. South Eastern Carolina up. Is there any cross talk from anyone?
  10. Good day, I am around the north Wilmington area. I’m willing to travel to a meeting to get things started. I’m a retired Marine and have a few skills to bring to a group. I am motivated in standing up for the 2A and against democrap and tyrannical bullshit. I’ll join up and assist in leadership roles until such time that leaders are chosen. I don’t wish to be lead or followed for that matter. A member of a team sounds better to me. As my disclaimer, First and foremost I will not participate if this endeavor turns to something unconstitutional. Anyone and everyone that is able to take par
  11. No, it’s a pistol. Perfectly legal to shoulder.
  12. Redlegs

    Bill and Ted

    © JLOH27

  13. Tier1Citizen It’s not a tantrum rant. I made a statement towards the post where some folks are wondering why there’s no heavy militia action. I guess you’ve taken it to heart or are upset by it. Whatever. I guess you’re motivated now huh or still troubled, either way I don’t give AF.

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