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  1. Has anyone heard if the truckers are striking yet? Nothing on the news. 

  2. What the Hell happened to our nation? Damn it 

    1. Corporal of Marines

      Corporal of Marines

      At the height of the cold war, late 60's/early 70's, we went to sleep at the switch; enjoyed the prosperity of the United States, and trusted the education of our children to a system riddled with liberals and even communists.  Many thought the UN was a great way to save the world (under an international, one government banner).  So we let the UN do this and that, and we signed on to UN Treaties that bound us with regulations that other countries didn't need to comply with.  So we've been at a disadvantage for well over 40 years... all the while (mind you, that's 2 generations) our young people were pumped full of liberal/socialist/Marxist ideas.  It's no wonder half the people hate their own county: want to cancel our history and discard our Constitution in favor of a devastating Green New Deal, and regulations controlling every aspect of our lives.  Think Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union or the People's Republic of China and you'll get the picture; right down to the thought police and labor camps for anyone who dares to speak out.


      I don't know if we'll be able to get our country back again without a real fight, and that means ugly stuff.

  3. I hope you all are doing well out there. Stay frosty and motivated!!!

  4. Eastern North Carolina up.



  5. I have been sitting back reading and monitoring what’s said on this site. I am not the go to guy on why, when and where things are going in this country. My main objective in life and eventually in death is to be prepared. Gun bans and political bullshit is mostly what I’m reading on here with the occasional lets get together and train at the paintball course. I’m not the news watcher anymore because it’s all bullshit and lies to stir us all up. My personal opinion only. I’m not the “break it all down commentator” of our governments leaders like cnn and fox. I’m a Marine, older and slower than I used to be, but still a Marine. Lethal in many ways and not so lethal in others. 22 years and 5 combat tours to show for it. Duty performed and completed under Clinton, Bush, Obama and retired under Trump. I don’t care if you’re impressed or not and I couldn’t give 2 Fks either way. Some of you sit and wait anxiously to pounce on any opinionated subject by some poor unsuspecting fk that posts on here. I’m not that F”ing guy but you can get to work and stay busy on mine. Some of you have seen combat, carnage and ramp ceremonies as I have. Police and Emergency Responders have seen plenty and I’m not directing this towards you all. Directly to the “Neverseen-Combat Socialmedialites”, “Military X-Changicus Awardous Thyselves Warriors”, and the “LoneLeonidas’s” that get on here barking about our government and how fk’ed up it is.....Do you really wish our government would fall? Really? If you’ve stood up to defend it and did not cowardly hide behind those of us that did then please go on and talk all the shit you want to. If you’ve never defended it, go on and lecture us on how fk’ed up our government is and you can lead us all into revolt. I’ll see to it that you’ll get a huge statue erected in your memory afterwards. It’ll be the one that looks like a jackass with your face and name on it. Laugh or cuss at this. Some of us were at war in the “War on Terror” everyone else was at the Mall.

    1. Leonard Perez

      Leonard Perez

      Thank you for your service. Now get your ass up devil dog , grab your boots and share your knowledge with those whom care about protecting our constitutional rights and liberty. Good on you for coming out swinging on haters and war mongers. I pray you stay in good health and live a long life , never to see the liberty you fought for disappear.

    2. Redlegs


      You’re right as the mail. We can all meet up sometime. I’m open to open up on the range. 

  6. Eastern North Carolina checking in. Hope everyone is locked and loaded tonight. 


  7. Good evening Warriors. I have not been on here for a bit. Welcome to MyMilitia. Redlegs


  8. Good evening everyone. 


  9. I hope everyone is doing well out there. All is good so far around here.

  10. I will not get on my knees and beg for freedom after I fought for it. 

  11. Anyone in Eastern NC during Florence? Here on the coast line waiting.

  12. Take only what you need and leave the rest....... in other words don’t be a douchebag........

  13. Welcome aboard Raguel.

    1. jacklegg


      glad to have u bro.

  14. Dum Spiro Spero

  15. Sick of the bullish!t

  16. Marine.. you were a bulk fueler? I was a Skid Kid. New River, Cherry Point and Pendleton.

  17. R, Just was digging around on here and came across your profile. Keep up the good work sister and remain vigilant. III%

  18. Prepared in Mind and Resources

  19. Are there any Tactical Beard Owners Club members on here?

  20. 10-8.... standing by

  21. Back in the fight. Took some time away and ready to converse. Welcome all new members.

  22. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a Happy New Year. Ready for the next chapter and President. Semper Fi...

  23. Dum Spiro Spero

  24. Ready for results and the fog to clear so we can see just how much work we'll have to do over the next four years.

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