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  1. Redlegs

    Wait for the flash

    Range day....

    © JLOH27

  2. Redlegs

    A Tactical Beard Owner

    TBOC... BTFU.....

    © JLOH27

  3. Dum Spiro Spero........ While I breathe, I hope........

    © JLOH27

  4. Train hard and often. If you’re losing, you’re dying.

    © JLOH27

  5. Range time

    © JLOH27

  6. Redlegs

    Oldman this.........

    A day at the range.

    © JLOH27

  7. Sometimes I feel like I’d like a do over. I’ve screwed up like everyone else has. I’ve been able to do many things right as a result of the the mess ups. Keep pushing ahead to the end.
  8. Eastern North Carolina checking in. One more day with the 2nd. Loaded as the Sun goes down.
  9. I have been sitting back reading and monitoring what’s said on this site. I am not the go to guy on why, when and where things are going in this country. My main objective in life and eventually in death is to be prepared. Gun bans and political bullshit is mostly what I’m reading on here with the occasional lets get together and train at the paintball course. I’m not the news watcher anymore because it’s all bullshit and lies to stir us all up. My personal opinion only. I’m not the “break it all down commentator” of our governments leaders like cnn and fox. I’m a Marine, older and slower than I used to be, but still a Marine. Lethal in many ways and not so lethal in others. 22 years and 5 combat tours to show for it. Duty performed and completed under Clinton, Bush, Obama and retired under Trump. I don’t care if you’re impressed or not and I couldn’t give 2 Fks either way. Some of you sit and wait anxiously to pounce on any opinionated subject by some poor unsuspecting fk that posts on here. I’m not that F”ing guy but you can get to work and stay busy on mine. Some of you have seen combat, carnage and ramp ceremonies as I have. Police and Emergency Responders have seen plenty and I’m not directing this towards you all. Directly to the “Neverseen-Combat Socialmedialites”, “Military X-Changicus Awardous Thyselves Warriors”, and the “LoneLeonidas’s” that get on here barking about our government and how fk’ed up it is.....Do you really wish our government would fall? Really? If you’ve stood up to defend it and did not cowardly hide behind those of us that did then please go on and talk all the shit you want to. If you’ve never defended it, go on and lecture us on how fk’ed up our government is and you can lead us all into revolt. I’ll see to it that you’ll get a huge statue erected in your memory afterwards. It’ll be the one that looks like a jackass with your face and name on it. Laugh or cuss at this. Some of us were at war in the “War on Terror” everyone else was at the Mall.

    1. Leonard Perez

      Leonard Perez

      Thank you for your service. Now get your ass up devil dog , grab your boots and share your knowledge with those whom care about protecting our constitutional rights and liberty. Good on you for coming out swinging on haters and war mongers. I pray you stay in good health and live a long life , never to see the liberty you fought for disappear.

    2. Redlegs


      You’re right as the mail. We can all meet up sometime. I’m open to open up on the range. 

  10. Diligence, Discipline, Honor, Courage and Commitment. Stand TFU and never kneel to ignorance and weakness.
  11. Anyone have a Century Bob boxing dummy? I’m gonna get one. I’ve got a buddy that kicks the living shite out of it. Practices knife work on it too with a rubber knife. Train train train...... when your done training, get up and train some while you’re resting and then get back to training.
  12. I know this site is all about militias, but has anyone ever completed a GORUCK. I’m a retired Marine and have been on medivac ruck runs many times. It is pretty much the same thing. If you haven’t done one, you should. You pay to be challenged and hazed. I’m just throwing it out there because if we’re not adding strain and exhaustion to our preparation on emergencies and patrolling, we’re just f’ing around. Agree or not, being in shape is a must in these organizations.
  13. I haven’t been on here in a while, but I do stay logged in. Eastern North Carolina checking in. Has anyone every used a mesa tactical urbino stock for a mossberg 930? I’m about to upgrade mine a good bit.
  14. Eastern North Carolina checking in. Hope everyone is locked and loaded tonight. 


  15. Good evening Warriors. I have not been on here for a bit. Welcome to MyMilitia. Redlegs


  16. Good evening everyone. 


  17. Shoot a hole and then stab the hole. Both are Marine Corps traits.
  18. Redlegs

    Zero Quarter

    When I don’t give a Fuq just doesn’t quite say it.........

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