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  1. I'm not trying to make a sweeping change, I'm just providing an alternate view. I get it that patriots are fired up and emotional. I'm one. But running headlong into martyrdom only validates the false narrative the main stream media is pushing. The last thing I want to see are those televised liars becoming prophetic.
  2. You don't get it, the word peaceful doesn't mean what you think it means right now. They just impeached a man for a second time for the following quote: "Peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard." This interpretation was taken to incite an violent insurrection by terrorists. Is it wrong? Yes. Are they being held accountable? No. Therein lies the problem. Why give the enemy ammunition to further skew the truth against their funhouse mirror of reality? It has only negative outcomes right now, not a single positive result is possible AT THIS TIME. That's
  3. Look people, they're literally expecting you. They're cancelling time off, vacations, and bolstering their numbers, shipping troops in by bus and not even trying to hide it. The more subversive elements (3 letter agencies, ANTIFA) are pretending to be you, encouraging you to come out and show support. Offset it by a time period and to fuck up their plans. Even just 5 days, disappoint them because you didn't give them the courtesy of an 'enemy' on their terms, when they expect it, when they called you like a hopeful and obedient dog so they can kick you in the ribs and collective
  4. You have to give your elected officials the opportunity to act and respond. If you don't, you'll be irreversibly inhibiting them, resulting in being complicit, and playing into the hand of your common enemy. Gatherings aren't going to do anything. Both sides know the strength of the republican support, both sides know the real election vote count. It's why they're so scared and scrambling for impeachment again. If you gather, show strength in numbers, you'll only invite them to know who you are, cancel you, ruin your life, blacklist you from airlines. If you must ac
  5. I still have a modicum of faith that the conservative lawmakers still in office can enact change, but it has to be now. If not, then we effectively have a multi-party system similar to China's multi-party system, where they merely LARP as a democracy and act like a totalitarian dictatorship.
  6. My $0.02 on the situation right now: Acting now will result in only demonization because of the unprecedented level of squelching and propaganda dissemination to the uninformed minority. Never before have patriots been held in a light any other than positive, but quickly we find 'patriot' becoming synonymous with insurgent, Taliban, and terrorist. I never thought I would see the day honestly. The Uninformed minority I referred to earlier are those who use tech and main stream media, the same group that were outvoted by conservatives by at least 20 million in 2020. Just like the
  7. This is indeed how you can communicate in any text based medium (provided there are enough characters) securely. I use Kleopatra currently which supports RSA DSA and ECDSA.
  8. So I love this guys little hand pointer in the video. Right now, this thing is more secure than Facebook or Twitter. ESP is a very popular IoT device, it's probably in your smart TV, maybe Fridge, maybe wifi smart enabled items like smart plugs or even light bulbs. Very popular in arduino as well. But esp 32 has a lot of churn with vulnerabilities because hackers are always looking to hop into corporate networks using the TV in the break room as a jumping off point. So yes this would be a cool backchannel, more secure, not bulletproof, and you'd need to keep the e
  9. This sounds like Tails? Anyway mymilitia uses cloudflare and doesn't allow direct IP access, aka not using dns to resolve. mymilitia.com Address: Name: mymilitia.com Address: Name: mymilitia.com Address: Usually you'd be able to type in those IPv4 numbers in the address bar and bring up the page even if your local Verizon or AT&T DNS provider blocks the dns lookup or re-directs it. Alternatively, you can use a VPN that provides different dns resolution options to still connect. The VPN market is vola
  10. I've had a lot of shots. Anthrax too when it first came out. The issue I have is if someone says to me 'Hey we have these covid shots here, take them if you want, no big deal, if you die it's on you' I would get the shot. I have a big problem when someone says 'GET THE FUCKING SHOT NOW CITIZEN' instead of just making it, and all applicable testing and trial data available for me to review. In that respect, the harder you pull me, the more I dig in and get more critical of why the hell this is being pushed so hard.
  11. Soros is a big one for media, literally the head of the snake, and an ugly one at that.
  12. So glad to see they graduated to Protonmail instead of a residential personal server plugged into consumer grade internet (Hillary) lol. See when even your elected officials use offshore foreign email providers, you have no excuse for still using gmail and other US liberal tech products!
  13. You can learn a lot from observing behavior rather than listening to words. Example: When Covid started, grocery stores and the big W were very cautious about making 1 way isles, covering credit card processing end points, and wiping down carts and keypads after every use/return. How many of these initial steps for safety are still enforced? Around here, none. The one way isle signs are still up, but no one gives a shit. The carts are returned, no one wipes them down. The card machines are uncovered and never cleaned. Corporations still lean on less hou
  14. Impeachment is important not only because it prevents a second run, but because it is a sacred and important self-preservation clause to protect this nation from tyranny. If Pelosi and goons can usurp this mechanism the same way they did the election, it gives them credence, optically, that they were right, at least to the masses that believe information as long as it comes from a television screen. It's a justification that Trump was wrong and opens the floodgates for the right wing witch hunts. A second run doesn't matter as much. Trump Jr. could easy slide in for 2024, but t
  15. I'm downloading this stuff to my private NAS. Glad for mass directory downloaders.

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