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  1. From another Patriot not PAPN
  2. We have a National group if interested? Bill66
  3. We have a National group if your interested we have many guys from mymilitia. We are looking for anyone who stand up for America and not behind a keyboard.


    1. helper1


      just getting into this and having a hard time navigating this site 

  4. Our Headquarters are out of Pennsylvania, we are National if your interested in joining PAPN fill out the app and hope to see you in our chat! Any questions message me here or on Parler @BillW66 anytime
  5. You could teach us skills, if your interested we have a group in West Virginia as well as a National chat. Let me know if your interested or just fill out the app, hope to see you in the chat. Bill
  6. One of our guys did a Rally Song for January 6th 2021 hope you like it? signal-2021-01-03-141217.mp4
  7. We have many members from mymilitia if interested 


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    2. Bill66


      Thats awesome we have our guys and gals all within an hour of Nashville or less and they get together. Last outing they went to a firing range to meet and greet and get together. We have a National commander State Commanders and chaplains, medical officers, something for everyone, even just supporters

    3. Redtailhawk


      Much thanks , eager to meet . 

    4. Redtailhawk


      God Bless

  8. https://proudamericanpatriotsnetwork.org

    If your interested come check us out!

  9. https://proudamericanpatriotsnetwork.org
  10. signal-2021-01-02-040828.mp4
  11. Anyone interested I'm in Burlington County and Started PROUD AMERICAN PATRIOTS NETWORK with a few other guys. We are now national. Can't hurt to check us out https://proudamericanpatriotsnetwork.org
  12. How will we take back America if nobody here or any other forums elsewhere are willing to network, train or just get together? Why do we have militias on mymiltia and allow nobody in or in fact completely ignore when someone messages them? Is it just easier to pretend we are Patriots and this will all go away shortly? Well as we sit behind our computers our constitution is getting eroded away day by day and once its gone its to late to unite! Happy New Year Everyone https://proudamericanpatriotsnetwork.org
  13. If your interested in a leadership position or to train in your area let me know! Bill66 


  14. Anyone interested in joining together in DC let me know!

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