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  1. At this point, the left has laid themselves bare before us.. They aren't even trying to hide themselves anymore. This is a bold faced dare for those of us on the right to stop them. My advice to them is simply this, be careful what you wish for.
  2. Well, Summer is going by quite quickly but, got lots of range time. I hope that many of our members are enjoying the Summer. But I remind you to stay vigilant. Those if us active in our units are doing everything possible to prepare for what many now see as the inevitable.
  3. Good day fellow patriots. It is with great pleasure that I get to announce we ( My Militia ) are now the number 1 and number 2 spots on Google under searches for militia websites ! Our sites creators have put in the hard work and dedication that has propelled this site to it's new heights. Congratulations are in order for all. Please come visit often, post your thoughts, pictures and ideas . We really enjoy all of our members contributions. Well done !
  4. No worries. Every once in awhile, I get a video that doesn't load or play correctly. I have no idea why that happens.
  5. Good morning everyone. I apologize for my lengthy absence, however, life gets in the way sometimes. I am hoping that the NY patriots are spending lots of time on this site. The changes are excellent and there is no doubt that we are the best site for survival, prepping, intel and general militia recruiting and organizing. Keep coming back . We all have our reasons for being here and that's what this is all about. Have a bandit day !
  6. Ranger312 and Ripcannon, my email is gregmmyers63@gmail.com feel free to use it .
  7. Calvin, I am responding to S.Perry for possibly being vetted into the militia unit he commands. But know I am committed to supporting our brothers and sisters in each state . It may be advantageous for me to link up with you as well. I'm in Orange County NY. Squarely behind enemy lines.
  8. Thank you for your service sir . Honored to meet you .
  9. Hello. Just sent a request to link up. Not worried about checking out for your unit sir. Lemme know .
  10. Probably. I like Amazon. Usually get good specs and compare next to others too.

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