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  1. Here is something that is not good news https://twitter.com/Sunflowerkid10/status/1309533501679636482?s=20
  2. WHo can see this, as I have a good idea but dont want to lay out the details, unelss I should dumb it down and make it... "public" safe
  3. Read the Declaration of Independence. This should be burned in all your minds... Exactly what's going on right now...
  4. Oh I know about Rev talk to him quite a bit. Not so much here, you could guess where. Hes a good guy. He likes what Im doing.
  5. I'm not one to let others do my work, people will join when they are serious, I have a few whom are serious and we will be meeting up with them soon enough as VETTING doesn't prove anything nowadays as I would pass a vetting easily and yet you do not know me and I could be a severe leftist. Or I could be a very big conservative who did stupid stuff young and get judged to be a "issue" or leftist. Thats why I feel its a waste of money and time. Eye to eye, feel them out in person. Give them a trial. most whom are looking now will be legit. Then there will be moles who want to be in and wait until the SHTF and then rat your location to be looted, and attacked. I looked at CDF website and when I can go there and view members and such, not a good thing when not being logged in. I have nothing against them and this is nothing towards them as a insult, just stating a observation. This is why I made a41 as we do more than have a social network like facebook, also allows people to have their groups on there in private and have complete control of their group All while being able to talk to others and mingle just like a normal social network.
  6. We know this... Wat is inevitable, we also know this. Dems already have plans and what not since they have been pocketing money for a long long time and building for this time.... Also don't be surprised to see chicoms, and maybe russian trips helping them since we have been training with Ukraine. Alot at stake and I'll be damned if my little daughter who is innocent has to live in a world ruled by Dems.... He'll F'in no. Alot to discuss and we all need to be discussing this together off the records.
  7. I'll explain more on a41 as private chat is real time there
  8. Exactly and then south east is the Appalachian Mountains and alot of other great positions.
  9. Thats the thing, if things are that bad you cant defend everyone alone. KS is a gun sanctuary atm. We can have cannons and fully auto here pre 86 , if i was aloud to tell you about this person in our circle your mouth would drop....
  10. Oh ok i misunderstood ya, tahts why I said coming this way and then to another place I cant say would be ideal
  11. So what cause is worth dying for? I would think our freedom is worth sacrifice, especially if it means our family, friends and innocent can have freedom.
  12. Like you said the main issue is just that to much mixed believers, red/blue. Its not impossible though, as look at the first civil war, how many left the south for the north and how many left the north for the south? People will head to their areas. Otherwise face threats, fighting and or worse death. Sad but true. The way its going now is the Dems have manipulated everything in this country. Though I live in a full red state that has a hands tie gov who is dem, which the reds tied her actions. That shows me there is more of our kind here then blue. We can root out state by state if we have to. Yea won't be easy, will be messy, but if you value your freedom, I will not hide and be a prepper, no way. I fully agree that the dems have a outside army waiting to help them fight as the DEMS know that civil war is the only solution as the reds aren't gonna vacate the gov nor will the blue. Its a power struggle. Trump wins, war, trump loses, war. I don't think we lost already. If there is a will, there is a way. I won't admit defeat. I just can't, I cant display defeatism either as to me it's not a reality I want to face. I'll never give up or surrender to the will of others. As I have said before, If I am to fight this alone, so be it. Ill be a thorn in their ass as I pick em off one by one
  13. Wouldnt be ideal for strategy as you wouldnt be able to help others easily. You would want to go where the fight wouldn't be off the start, as supplies, ammo, food, water and such won't be plentiful in Maine as its densely populated. Then as we take stuff build up supplies and such by taking it from what we take over.

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