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    Chief Engineer/Journeyman Combo Weldor
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    I'm a U.S. Navy Veteran. Gunners Mate. I served on the USS Wisconsin, the USS Estocin, and in my reserve years the USS Suribachi. And did 6 months with the Seabees as an armorer. I have over 25 years as a pipe and structural weldor, and have a B.S. in met
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  1. I believe each of us,if not most should get involved in amateur radio. I myself am KI4AXT.
  2. Hello,my name is peter christman. 12 years with the navy as a gunners mate, and with the seabees.i am located here in goshen county torrington Wyoming
  3. United Regulated Militia.  We have a Cheyenne Unit, however looking to expand throughout Wyoming.  Sense this is such s sparsely populated state, we'll most likely just maintain the unit with members spread out. 

    We have another unit in texas, but we are rapidly expanding across the US with interest in several other states.


  4. Yes, I've moved here. I was ,THE ,3rd Battalion Co.B for Nebraska. But I have moved here, and am actively looking for a militia here in Goshen County.
  5. Am I the only one here representing and standing in front for Scottsbluff, Ne?
  6. Scottsbluff, Ne. Structural and pipe welder. I make my own longbows. and I'm very active in historical medieval combat. ( yes, we beat each other to a pulp, just for fun).
  7. I'm here in the Nebraska Panhandle. Scottsbluff. And am looking for other like minded people near me. Thanks

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