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  1. Ack1 just checking in.

  2. I've always been tough to look from the outside in. So when I see, so many looks, but no contacts. Makes a person wonder. Just saying. Ack 1.
  3. I took an oath when I joined the Marine Corps, and still stand behind that oath. Against all enemies of ours, external or internal, will not back down. Ack 1.
  4. 0311, Rifle Range Security. 78-82

  5. I appreciate the welcome. New to the site.
  6. Again , just wanted to say thank you for your acceptance. New to this forum. All in time. Ack 1
  7. Just wanted to say thank you for accepting me. Florida.
  8. Florida.

    1. Courage777


      Hello Brother Ack1 how is going out here for you and your militia

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